Bishop Veron Ashe

Bishop Veron Ashe is not Pentecostal, but he has preached at many Pentecostal Conferences!



  1. Iwould like to contact Bisop Veron Ashe, to be a keynote speaker @ THE ATONEMENT GATHERING-“What Shall I Render Unto The LORD”? On September 20-22,2007

  2. Evangelist D Chambers said

    oh, my God. I haven’t heard preaching like THAT (content) since the early days of salvation. Thank you Bishop Ashe!

  3. Overseer Tonya L. Wyatt said

    I was so excited to see you on this website! I am an old friend of Bishop Ashe. I have been looking for him for years. I started my church from his teachings and used to travel to Madera, CA where is ministry first started. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know where I would be. Now we have Shekinah Glory International Fellowship in Houston, TX. Due to his obedience to the Word of God he broke seals in my spirit and unleashed revelation. Thank you Veron!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me. I would like for you to speak next year at our conference under Dr. Claudette and Bishop Copeland in San Antonio Tx. 281-935-1736 Miss you so much! Houston misses you. Hope to see you and hear from you. Praying for you constantly!

  4. S. A. from Australia said

    Bishop Veron, I was nicely surprised to discover you; especially hearing deep and sincere messages coming from committed heart. For the first time I will hear a man of God out of materialism preaching and not into spiritual game with the Lord, and compromising…
    Bishop Veron, we love you with the Love of God and wish God to overanoint you!
    I decided to attend the conference of Bishop John Francis in Charlotte ( 28/8 to the 1/9) just to listen you.

  5. Elder Thomas B. Walker said

    The statement that Bishop Veron is not Pentecostal, is untrue. I remember The days coming up with Bishop Veron in Miami, Florida. We danced together learned the word together under the leadership of the late Dr. Doris Akins, at Bethel Apostolic Temple, Inc. I am not surprised that he has gone on to great things in God! I remember him preaching “It’s friday, but Sunday’s on the way.” He has always been a unique and powerful Man of God. A long time friend Thomas Walker.

  6. Evangelist Wanda Muswaswa said

    Archbishop Veron Ashe, your dear sisters and brothers of Riverside Faith Temple dearly miss you. Wanda wants to know where are you? Where are you? Your dear family is in need of you…..Wanda, Prophet Curtis Wade, Pastor Goins,,,,,,and so many more……….Where is our dear brother?
    (951) 259-6098

  7. DrSharita said

    i am praying for the full recovery and return of Archbishop Veron Ashe. He has been sorely missed….

  8. Dr. Shawn T. Helmandollar said

    I pray that soon we can all see Bishop Ashe, in full capacity. He has been an inspiration and a voice of reason in ministry for me. I have prayed for him and his quick return. Grace and Peace.

  9. Tunya said

    where can I go to here him or buy the cd or download his preaching.

  10. Ruthie said

    Vernon, contact me at 951 210-6886. Brian and Ruthie Goins
    We are praying for you. Are you allright?

  11. Orie said

    I just read you comment on Pentacostal I am desparately seeking were to purchase Archbishop Veron Ashe’s tapes or cd’s. A dear brother of mine who knew the Bishop very well was killed in Iraq this year and he knew how to contact him. But, since he is gone I don’t know where to go. I have hunted the web for months and this is the closes I have come to my quest. Please let me know through my email above if anyone responded to your request.
    Thanks in advance,

  12. mizzpurdy said

    I saw him at a church in Orlando recently, (10/2007). He looked well but weak. Lets pray he will be back in the pulpit soon. Godspeed to this Awesome man of God!

  13. Silk Walker said

    Does ANYONE have contact information for Archbishop at all??? P-l-e-a-s-e contact me. 678.592.9795 or via e-mail. Thank you and God bless.

  14. mizzpurdy said

    He now has a myspace page!!

  15. Raquel said

    If anyone has information on where to find his cd’s or dvd’s please email me:
    Thank you and God Bless!

  16. M'chelle1221 said


    I searched for the page but couldn’t find it. Do you have a link?

  17. M'chelle1221 said

    Looked for his page on MySpace but couldn’t find it.

  18. Sammy said

    If anyone knows where I can find him or where he is located please let me know…. I tried searching for him on myspace, but I also didn’t find anything…. Please let me know something about him…… Blessing

  19. Cassandra Ante said

    I have been looking for Veron for quite some time.. I have searched high and low. I want to first thank all of you who have posted something about him, so I now know that he is out there somewhere. If anyone knows how to get a hold of him, please, let me know. He was a dear friend of mine, who I lost connection with. He touch my heart and soul, as I imagine he has many of of us. He is a constant in my prayers and in my thoughts. ….

  20. M'chelle1221 said

    You can find him on Myspace. If you go there just type in Veron Ashe and his page should appear. It appears that he has been visiting alot the past couple of days so if you are trying to reach him, perhaps you could contact him there. Hope this helps.

  21. mizzpurdy said

    He preached his first “return sermon” at Faithworld last Tuesday! What a profound Word. Keep him in your prayers.

  22. mizzpurdy said

    I would assume if you want the DVD/CD you can get it at Faithworld…Just FYI!!

  23. wordwarrior said

    I just heard Bishop Veron Ashe for the first time and he is speaking word that is relevant, applicable and life changing, not just inciting emotional highs, but reaching to that place that people are not willing to do what it takes to gain access to. If anybody knows how to contact him or where I can get any type of media – CD,DVD,cassette, VHS – it doesn’t matter what format, please let me know


  24. rev.regis fonteot said

    i hae about 5 to seven of his sermons, and would be willing to mail them out to anyone who would like a few. 817 566-6134

  25. Chevy said

    I had the pleasure of seeing this Man of God about 17yrs ago and I have to tell you that he Woke me up that night. I didn’t heed him and have sense paid for it but now I am back on track with God and there aren’t too many days that I don’t go back to ArchBishop Ashes words to me. He is an Awesome Man of God.

  26. john said

    whoever has bishop veron tapes or CD’s or where I can buy them please get in touch. He is indeed a blessing to the body of christ.

  27. Denise said

    This is my first time hearing The Bishop, and what a blessing, He is being used of God in a mighty way.


  28. Rev. S. Willis Walker said

    Where is he now? Havent heard from Bishop Ashe in years at least 7 or 8. Is he pastoring or anything?

  29. mia said

    Has anyone made contact with Bishop ashe. I have lots of tapes from his teaching at Imago Dei in Denver,Co. They lost contact with him also. What is going on? Bishop I call you in the spirit, there is something for you as you fall away and God makes him home fully in you. Email me please or anyone that knows where he is. I have your answer Bishop Ashe. Love you

  30. OK let’s keep it in line!

  31. Trice said

    To All,

    Give Honor to Whom Honor is knew, from all the above comments Bishop Ashe has allowed God to use him to change and transform many lives. The most important thing in this life is obeying and doing God’s will. When we stand before the Great God of Glory, will we be able to answer the question did you feed the hungry, did you clothe the naked, did you visit the sick, did you visit those in prison. JESUS is coming soon, let’s all be about God’s business. That’s go forth and demonstrate the power God has given us. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons. Souls are hungry and thirsty for God that’s give them what they need, “The Resurrection Transforming Power of God’s Word,” which is GOD. Let’s move out of the pues and into the streets proclaiming word and demonstrating God’s POWER, mixed with his love.


    If we do it all to the all to the Glory of God, we’ll all walk the streets of GOLD!

  32. Minister Isaiah White said

    any one have contact information for him?

  33. WILLIAM JONES said


  34. Gwendolyn Gardner said

    I love Bishop Ashe, he is a powerful man of God and gives so freely what God has revealed to him, he is a gift to the body of Christ. I too have been looking for his dvd’s or something but to no avail… and tonight I found several clips of his messages on, and I began to do a search..and this is the latest information that I have been able to find, so I want to share it with everyone in the hopes that this is the most recent.

    This is the info I was able to gather:

    Ashe, Veron (“Mar Enoch”)
    Bishop, Mar Thoma Orthodox Church Outside of India
    The Most Rev. Veron Ashe (“Mar Enoch”)
    1133 East Olive Avenue, Fresno, California 93728 USA
    Phone: 559.237.6220
    Current Public Ministry:
    – Pastor, Saint Mary of Magdala Cathedral, Fresno, CA (att: 50).

    I pray that this will help those who are looking to contact the Bishop. And, if this is not the current information for him, perhaps it will be a path leading to him.

    Your Sis. in Christ,
    Evangelist Gwendolyn Gardner

  35. Anonymous said

    its a shame bishop ashe was preaching at a church and i contacted this church 4 states over from me. I talked to the pastor and asked them if they had a contact for him. she told me she isnt allowed to give it out. i said do you have a mailing address for him she said she cant give it out. But she invited me to come to the service. i told her how far i was away from her she said sorry if you want to get in contact with him you have to come to the service. Its amazing that people have that mind set. Maybe he is only taken a few engagements all i know is that he is a man who is sought after because of his word. Those who want to contact him have to pray to GOD that he will open up a door. You can depend on people. Some are real helpful but seems as those who got it dont want to help. but in all things to GDO be the glory. I’ll take some tapes or videos of this man of GOD till i get contact information,

  36. M'chelle1221 said

    Hi Anonymous,

    If you want to contact Archbishop Ashe, perhaps you could reach him through his MySpace page or by contacting Faithworld Church in Orlando FL. 407-292-8888. I contacted the church a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to purchase CD/DVD’s and they were very helpful. I don’t know if they would give you direct contact information but perhaps someone there could tell you how to schedule an engagement if that is your desire. It’s worth a try! Be blessed.

  37. Dee Dee Charles said

    Life-changing bishop–We love and miss you

  38. Margaret said

    Aloha Saints of God,

    I attended a Prophetic Conference at Pacific Revival Center in Hawaii a few years ago. The Word was awesome. Pacific Revival Center was selling Bishop Veron Ashe’s CD’s (set of 10 CD’s) for about $50.00. I don’t know if they are still available but you could contact Pacific Revival Center and ask them. Here is their web site with their contact information:

    Besides Bishop Veron Ashe, two of my favorite preachers of the Word of God is Bishop Carl E. Harris & Evangelist Marcia Harris of Emmanuel Temple, the House of Praise. You can order their CD’s. The web site is:

    Have a Blessed Day in the Lord!

  39. M'chelle1221 said

    I have two CD’s preached by Bishop Ashe this year. They are entitled Walk It Out (March 2008) and And Thy Gates Shall Be Called Praise (May 2008). The Walk It Out CD is incomplete as the ministry did not send me both CD’s. However, it is still a relevant message. If anyone is interested in obtaining copies of the CD’s please contact me at I am in the process of trying to obtain more CD’s. Once I have done so, I will post a note here. Thanks

  40. M'chelle1221 said

    I have a posted two short snippets (7 minutes and 8 minutes) of video of Bishop Ashe preaching in Orlando in May of this year. The videos are on Youtube.

  41. Lenora Brown said

    I have been looking for Bishop Ashe for more than three years. I was on his website and then all of a sudden everything that was ever written about him across the internet was gone. I was receiving his up and coming schedule regularly and then nothing!

    I am so glad that he is well. He has been in my prayers and I knew God would deliver him from any ailments that he may have been going through; though I am now reading that I wasn’t the only one praying and searching. If Bishop Ashe reads any of these comments, he should well know that God loves him to have anointed him with such a gift to draw this kind of response.

    Continue under the power of the anointing Bishop Ashe.
    In Him,
    Lenora Brown

  42. Evangelist Times said

    I Been hearing this Anointed man of God for over 20 some Years and Have tapped in the Anoiting By recieving the word Of God please let me know where is his were abouts we Love him and praying for him.

  43. Carlos & Laurie Perez said

    Please see Bishop Ashe’s myspace page. He updates his health situation.

  44. M'chelle1221 said

    Since my last post, I have shut down my You Tube account. With this, past video snippets uploaded by me cannot be viewed. I do plan to set up the account again in the near future. However, in the meantime, I have acquired about 15 messages in their entirety of Archbishop Ashe preaching. These messages date back from as far as 2001 to as current as March 2009. For those who are interested, please feel free to contact me at

    Be blessed!

  45. grace and peace i would like to be intouch with the office of arch bishop veron ashe (mar-enoch) wanted to invite him to my anual convocatoin in south african next year ,we host at the stadium yearly.please i believe in his teachings and i cant wait.

  46. M'chelle1221 said

    Prophet K. Phoofol – you might want to try reaching Bishop Ashe by his My Space page. The website is below.

  47. prophet k.phoofolo said

    thank you mitchelle1221

  48. prophet k.phoofolo said

    thanks m’chelle i was able to space the bishop i just hope all goes well im even prepared to go over the us and invite him personally when he health up we cant wait to even donate for him we believe in all that he represents

  49. bafana said

    Man of God, I’ll really like to have a contact with you. Since your massage “Now David” my life has never been the same and I’ve been longing for such stuff. Please forward me your details

  50. William said

    Bishop Veron Ashe will be in Dallas, TX @ True Worshipers Worship Center
    Sunday June 28 at 1:00pm…..I can’t wait I have been trying to get to him since 2000!

  51. Trueworshiper said

    Archbishop Ashe is currently in Dallas TX!

    There has been a post stating someone is taking up money for the Archbishop – if this is true. Please contact me- so that we may be able to give him the information so he can access the money as he is in need of financial assistance.

    God has been working in this man of God and we are declaring that he is healed in the name of Jesus.

  52. M'chelle1221 said

    I am told the Archbishop did not make it on June 28th but did show up on July 5-7th @ True Worshippers Worship Center in Dallas Texas. I am also told that the messages are available for purchase if anyone is interested. You will have to contact the church for further information.

  53. M'chelle1221 said

    Several of you have contacted me concerning obtaining messages preached by Archbishop Ashe. I no longer have my library of messages. You will have to contact the churches directly to obtain messages. Kind regards.

  54. Prophetess Simmons said

    Can you please forward a contact to the email above, for Bishop Veron Ashe
    I have been trying to reach him, but have been unsuccessful, I would like to
    extent an invite for him to Speak at my ministry’s conference in the Bahamas,
    I await your response,
    God Bless you

  55. Ms.Kim said

    Can someone please tell how to obtain Bishop Vernon Ashe cd’s messages and where is he presently speaking. Thank you in advance. Kim

  56. M'chelle1221 said

    For those who are looking to be in contact with Bishop Veron Ashe please email him at This email address was posted on another forum by a member of his staff, Pastor Andrea Sloan Woods. I saw it and thought it would be great to share here. Perhaps in emailing him or his staff, you can learn how to obtain his messages and find out where he will be preaching. Hope this helps! Michelle.

  57. jose said

    Bishop Ashe will be in Mesa, AZ for Fire in The Desert: 4/23-25/2010
    For more information go to

  58. Archbishop Ashe is doing much better. He’s preaching Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant’s Holy Week Revival from March 30-April 1, 2010. Keep praying Archbishop’s strength in the Lord so that he may continue to do what he has been Anointed to do

  59. Apostle W.L. Smith said

    yes i do rember Pentecostal Days with this man of God we share revivals togetor went he start preahing him dancing under the power of God
    you go “Man of God”

  60. I am not sure why heart is heavy with concern for Vernon Ashe. He has been on mind all day. I pray all is well with him.

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