Dramatic Sermon of the Year!

This preacher is not Pentecostal, yet I must commend him on one of the most colorful and dramatic sermons that I have seen. Please don’t try this one at home rookie preachers, or for that matter don’t try this one on the road! He does paint the picture in a way that very few have! He definitely takes one By The Cross in The National Baptist Convention Tradition!



  1. reese said

    He was preaching like a Apostolic preacher, but getting in that coffin was a little to much Rev./ With thos tight pants. You Preaching though!

  2. He preached like a crazy man! That’s what you call wrecking a house!

  3. Pat said

    Radical and profound, if this demonstation saved just one soul, and brought some closer to God, then the sermon did what it was suppose to do!

  4. Pastor Muazzam John said

    You preached very well and Dramatic way was great because every thing which makes sermon easy to understand is good. I would like to invite you in Pakistan for preaching.
    God bless you.
    Pastor John

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