Apostle Nathan Anderson Preaching!

Apostle Nathan Anderson Preaching!



  1. Elder Darnell A.Ratliff said

    Thats my Bishop….. God knows that man can preach!!!!

  2. Apostal Anderson,
    Greetings! In the Name Of Jesus, our Lord.
    I’m the State Evangelist President Of Nor Cal Metro Jurisdiction.The Honourabl
    Bishop Jerry W. Macklin, General Board Member, is my Jurisdictional Prelate.
    I would certainly like to to invite you to be my guest speaker at my upcoming
    2008 Evangelist Conference.I heard you for just a little while and the
    Lord encouraged me in you message. Please call me if you have time .
    Pastor Joseph E. Langston (925) 978-2335

  3. PLEASE call me for in invitation to speak at a State Evangelist Conference.
    I’m the State Evangelist President forThe Nor Cal Metro Juris. The Hourable Bishop Jerry W. Macklin is my Jurisdictional Prelate.Please call me at your earliest convience. My home number is (925) 978-2335
    Be Bless
    Evan. Joseph E. Langston
    State Evangelist President
    Nor Cal Metro Juris.

  4. Kenneth Battle said

    This does not make any sense for a man to preach like this. I am telling you man of God you have blessed my day. Keep it up the best is yet to come cnerning You!

  5. The Brother is definitely preaching!

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