Paula White and Randy White to Divorce!

Paula White and Randy White to Divorce! What a week this has been!

News Story-Paula White and Randy White to Divorce


  1. teresa said

    matthew 6:33 ”seek ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” God is only revealing and pulling our covers.there is nothing hidden that God won’t uncover. Pastors are continuing to preach prosperity[money] and not holiness, salvation, sanctification,etc. Church, it’s time to bring order in the house of God.

  2. Praylikeneverb4 said

    What in the world is going on? Juanita….now Paula….. who else…..its jumping on the band wagon now. Even though this there will be more divorses than ever because there are so many saints that have been struggling already in their marriages and all they neede was something like this to make up their minds. Instaed of someone telling them to hold on; hang inthere.All of these divorces in the church…. Lord help us Jesus. This is what the enemy wants. How can you hold all of these couple conferences about love and then do all of this. Don’t get me wrong… if its abuse, adultry, then you have an OUT ! People have gotten so selfish……… if there was a problem in the start deal with it and go on; but you have to many souls at state here after you have built up a minitry. I have know a lot of couples in the beginning of their marriage the husband has been very controlling and not wanting the wife to not have any outside identity for herself then when you get older you break up. Watch whom you marry if he’s controlling in anyway… he or she is not the one. Mariiage is ordaned by God, its love, honoring one another (not yourself)compromizing, all of that and more than we are trying to allow God to put in it. This is crazy… the enemy is taking us down paths we don’t have to. He’s laughing LOUD !

  3. Joy said

    The Saints need to pray all over the world . The Devil is not playing around. Two seasoned couples in the Lord are on the front line. The Weeks and the Whites should be held up in prayers until something happens from Heaven. Then the Lord will get the Glory. Chistiandom should push away the plates fast , pray live Holy so God can show up and start healing marriages all over the world.

  4. Anna said

    This is the time for Christians to PRAY without ceasing, the devil is a liar, he is a destroyer. No marriage is safe without the covering of God. Marriage is a Godly institution and the devil will do anything and everything to destroy and especially where he can make a public mockery of the church and ministries.

    My prayers are with them may God have the last say.

  5. Donita said

    Ministries can so easily become “spiritual business enterprises” and the focus of winning souls then becomes bigger money and Hollywood style lives that leave marriages open for the devil to attack. Everyone has an opinion about these situations the sad truth is we need to get back to the basics of preaching Jesus and winning souls!

    These incidents happen all too often. These are publicized because they are prominent people in the body. Truth is, it’s no different than things that happen all day long all over the world.

  6. Anonymous said

    Whatever the problem is with Prophetess Juanita, Bishop Weeks, Pastors Paula and Randy White, as member of the church of Christ, it is our responsibility to pray. We do not know all that is going on in their marriages. We just need to pray for them like never before.

    These people have given so much to all of us, to criticize them and speak against them in their time of need is not Christ-like. I do not excuse their behaviour, but let us not kick our wounded soldiers.

    They will learn. We all will learn. This is to teach us never to neglect to pray for those on the frontline of our faith. They have not arrived.

    Situations like this reveal all of our hearts. We are all on trial. Let us exhibit the Christ-like nature and allow the Lord to deal with these people Himself.

    Pray, Pray, Pray

  7. Toby Jones said

    men and women of God we must recognize this is not just an attack on families and marriages but on the bride of Christ, the chruch. please don’t give up God has promised us the victory. He has told us the gates of hell will not prevail against His chruch. I believe this is a clarion call to examine closer ourselves, our motives and the doctorine we have been teaching and ask God to show us where our errors are and make sure we correct every false, traditional, man made teaching that have open the door to the enemy in which God has allowed this attack before it get seven times stronger. Randy and Paula please leave room in your lives for restoration. Don’t be so easy to lay down what you have worked for for so long.

  8. Toby Jones said

    Is there anything to hard for God

  9. JoAnn Tyson said

    We as God’s people need to pray for God’s intervention. We don’t know all the facts,butn the Lord doess. In spite of what is being said and what is reported that has been done,the word of God has declared that all things work together for good for them that are called according to his purpose . It may not look like it, but it is working together for the good for those involved, and the body of christ. We must remain focused on what the word of God has said,and continue to obey the word of God ourself. God see and God know, and he is still all the while at work on behalf of his children Man should always pray and not to faint.So don’t stop obeying the word because somebody else is not’ so you heard or know for yourself.

  10. Lover of Christ said

    I do believe that things happen because their have been a lack of prayer on both sides. Prayer is the key that unlocks every door. I pray that their lives be restored and their ministries. I do not believe that if you are being abused you should stay in a marriage, but the Whites need to work it out without divorce. If I am a married woman and having problems in my home it is good to now that others that have struggled have worked it out and have a testimony that God took them through. It does get rough sometimes but in our darkest hour we need to turn to the One made the light.

  11. kelvin Namwanza said

    Whatever happens in the body of christ our place is not judge but lift up the church and leaders in prayers all the time because the devil is after the Headship,My prayer is that has people God we shouldn’t intesify our prayers when bad things have happened but to be prayerfull all the times the Bible says pray without ceasing,pray always for those in authority not only when they have dervoced or made a mistake.Church we have an assignment from God that is to call the kingdom down here on Earth and the devil cannot stop this, FOR WHATERVER IS BORN OF GOD OVERCOMES THE WORD.I know has people of God we have made mistakes.but we cannot allow the past to hold us from moving forward and fulfill the call of God on ourlives,

  12. Anonymous said

    The Devil indeed is roaring like a lion. This is a real wake up call for all christian to pray and be alert. Lets all work out our marriages.God is also working on our behalf

  13. Ic. ButlerForbes said

    Christians let’s recognise what happening to the body of Christ. It is no coincidence that two servants of God is attacked in the same way, and at the same time. (Sister Juanita and Paula)
    Those of us without faults cast the first stone! Let us pray for these sisters and their families. Please let us not be like Job friends – the Bilads and Eliphaz and Zophars. (Job 18 and Job 42), Instead let us stand for them in this warfare. Leave the judgement to God. The enemy wants to sift us. But let us stand together an fight for our families. Pray for the Pastors, cover them with our prayers. Remember, Peter?
    It is the grace of God that keeps. Let us pray for them continually. Don’t gossip PRAY
    Let this MESS be a MESSAGE! God bless you.


  14. thando said

    Please don’t do this. DON’T.

  15. Daniel said

    I am a firm believer in the scripture which teches that all things good or bad work out together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.

    God hates divorce and thats not only fact but truth! If theres anyway the church should respond to this, we definitely have to get our armour on and fight aggresively in prayer against divorce!

    Strike the Shepherd n the sheep will scatter….. There’s no way we can allow the enemy chance to be victorious hence the need for us to PRAY!!!!!

  16. Choose Christ said

    I hear many of the saints continuing to say pray…pray. Which is what we need to do. But Christ clearly states “to watch & pray, lest you fall into temptation..” The question I have is, who is watching in the Body of Christ? If we were truly watching we could see that some of the things that leads to divorce are very pratical things – like this for instance: If you are doing conferences, on tours, selling books, taking part in a ministry half way across the country (all the time)…when do you have time to be a mother and most importantly a wife.

    The Bible tells us to have a “proper balance”. Christians, especially those that are leaders need to realize that family, (not conferences, or speaking engagements), but family comes first. The Bible tells us that ” a little leaven, leavens the whole lump”. We need to start proritizing, so the enemy will have no entrance into our falmily lives.

    Saints continue to pray for the Body of Christ…but in your praying be watchful!!!

  17. kelvin Namwanza said

    I agree with u we must watch ,Also we must ask ourselves why devorce rate in church is going up.

  18. The devil is a liar in the name of Jesus. I stayed with my husband and I had all rights to divorce him but God would not allow it because He said I am not a covenant breaker so I had to stay in it and be the wife He had called me to be regardless of how he was treating me, there where no physical abuse but mentally and verbally abuse was present. He wonted to hit me but he couldn’t because I was under divine protection and the devil could only do what God allowed him to do to break me to make me, into what God had ordained me to be in Him and through Him. God gave him room to repent and to love his family that He had given him but he was hardhearted and rebellious so God released him from the marriage, he abandoned me some years ago. And there is always to sides to every story, i was very mean and had a temper that was destructive and i did the hitting but one day fighting my husband i saw myself for the first time and i was so shame especially being a born again Christian and what i did after that i went into my prayer closet and confessed to God that something was wrong with me and i needed help and He gave me strength to overcome in the midst of being mistreated and broken. I promised God that day i saw me that if He would help me i would never lay my hands on my husband to hurt him again and He did. I cried and became broken in the place of violence and God anointed me for His Glory for such a time as this.

  19. spirit filled believer said

    I am deeply sorry for the things that are really happening Gods people. we know that the devil is a liar.The bible says we should be as wise as serpent and harmless as doves. After the lord blesses us with husbands we then should realize we have a commitment to our husband as much as we have with the lord so many of us think that if we miss bible study a couple times that its a sin no my friends God wants us love him first ,put him first not put church first. you can stay at home with your husband,read the word, pray and talk about Christ .love your husband enough enough to stay with him on Tuesday night when he wants you. Be wise enough to stay home on a Sunday morning with him if he wants you to .Remember you are not going out of the presants of God you are still under the annointing of the Holy ghost if you so love the Lord .So please BELIEVERS let us just be wise saints do all within our power to do what God loves keep our husbands that God blesses us with, lets just make our husbands our best friends whether or not they are saved remember is our love for God that is going to show up when we react to our husbands he watching us ,please speak for God .I can say more but I hate to write Testify about the Lord with your life not with our lips .Be your husbands best friend Love from a dear sister God bless

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