Prophetess Juanita Bynum-Weeks Makes Official Statement!

Prophetess Juanita Bynum-Weeks Official Statement! She also speaks out on Domestic Violence! Fox News Atlanta has extensive coverage of these matters!

Fox News Atlanta 


  1. gloria said

    Dr bynum is a woman i love personally,i live in southafrica,all i have to say is that am praying for the couple,i know that there is no broken heart that God cannot mend.JB has gone through alot,and i really want this marrige to work,i want her to be very happy,cos she deserves it.i pray that God intervens in this situation cos so many pple are looking up to her.

  2. Peace be Still! said

    Delivered in the spirit of Excellence. Truly a Proverbs 31 Woman, With great love to you Dr. Juanita Bynum-Weeks and family, Our prayers are for the family as a whole for I’m sure the family reconizes that she is a gift from God sent to us all. Yes, This To Shall Pass! What the enemy ment for bad…God will bring forth His Glory out of this. They are called to the Nations so the Nations are & will see the Glory of God even in this! Not to minimize the situation or to dishonor any but we must hear the Voice of the Father as He speaks to the Body of Christ, that is the Focus. Then stay focused, Kingdom of God, Women On the FrontLine, Body of Christ…etc., focused on the assigment He has given You. Be Encouraged In Jesus Name.

  3. Ke said

    Do I have this straight? With this press conference, on a domestic matter that resulted in a criminal charge, by a Christian minister making the accusation and a Christian minister being accused, is the public is now being asked to try to discern which Christian minister is lying?


  4. Selma Kerren said

    What does Juanita Bynum mean by saying she is, “The New Face of Domestic Violence”? Why is everything a PR op to her? Actually, the “new face” of domestic violence is the woman now lying in the morgue, and “new faces” arrive there everyday.

  5. Let it be! If she was beaten as apparently she has, she can be the face of whatever she wants to be. Time will definitely tell if she is sincere on championing this cause! Let’s pray that she will advance the cause of fighting domestic violence!

  6. JB your are the strongest woman I’ve heard preaching in a conference ( sermon Faith ).Keep the word and that spirit @ and everyday of life and your family,God is the answer in every situation we encounter,”Let His will done on earth”

    Let God touch you and continue to spread His word so that we may grow spiritual.

    We love in SA

  7. joyce alston said

    i think it is important to hear both sides of the story. i believe juanita had more to do with this situation. she is playing on the sympathy of women. she is now going to make millions from a book and conferance on domestic violence.they both should have thought about privacy when their wedding was broadcast all over the world, and when they were selling the wedding on video.i guess next you will be selling the assault on video at your domestic vilence conferance. lets be truthful. you both need to sit down somewhere and repent AND HEAL JOYCE

  8. myjmonitor said

    Prophetess Bynum has put the Domestic Violent a side till she is out of this situation, according to her January issue of Essence magazine. She is focusing on herself to do self correction and not on Bishop Weeks… She is going on with her ministry and her life. The Bishop is the one with the book and conferences. How can something that happen in the public be handle in private, when the media and people pulling and digging up information.

    As for now, Prophetess Juanita Bynum decided to stop fighting TW and let God fight her battle.

  9. May the gud LORD tek care of da two. We shud not judge but encourage in love. For both of you, Bishop Weeks and Dr. Juanita, God loves u ol da time. We know devil is a liar! I am praying 4u. Waiting to hear good news. Shalom Shalom!

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