Bishop Thomas Weeks’ Press Conference!

Bishop Thomas Weeks Press Conference!


  1. E Edwards said

    Even though Bishop Weeks tries to explain his side of the story, there is no excuse for beating a woman. Is he saying that this did not occur?

  2. Choose Christ said

    There is never an excuse to beat a woman. But there appears to be another side to Juanita that a lot of people are not aware of…

    Bishop Weeks is wrong in putting his hand on his wife. But if Juanita actually had her lawyers sending letters to his ministry stating that they needed to stop using her name and “likeness” in the church she is wrong as well. The Bible tells us as Christian not to take each other to court, but to resolve issues among ourselves….Also, from my understanding there have been several instances when Juanita has gotten in Bishop Weeks face and he didn’t tell the whole world about it. But a select group of people knew about her antics and attitude…

    Action like these only give room to the enemy…..I hope and pray the truth comes out!!!

  3. y.blackburn said

    so who is telling the the truth? one is and the other isn’t. or are you both lieing?

  4. shirley scurlock said

    Would you not rather suffer wrong, that the ministry not be blamed! What a terrible thing to have the world laughing at the church because of those who represent it! How have the mighty fallen and what will the both of you do to mend the broken trust in the church! God have mercy on us all!

  5. cartergirl said

    I believe that this incident sheds a broader light … not just on domestic violence/domestic abuse but on spiritual abuse which is just as harmful and damaging as domestic abuse. What those 2 are going through is also indicative of what some people of God are going through with leadership in the church

  6. valerie said

    i want to say to carter girl you are actually right tom joyner goes and asks if ur a prophet didn’t you see this coming come on they are human and God as called them to be sheperds but they once in life had to be sheep but this is not the first they have gotten into a physical problem the first time they are human and bishops prophets ministers evangelists still have to deal with life there is no hiding that they love each other yes but if its not right it is not right

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