G. Craige Lewis on Truth Behind Some Gospel Singers, Musicians, and Preachers!

G. Craige Lewis on Truth Behind Some Gospel Singers, Musicians, and Preachers!


  1. K said

    This guy is angry. God recieves you the way you are and is not a respector of persons. He can use ex-gay, prostitutes and just about anyone. So please don’t judge others or……………..

  2. James said

    Notice how no scripture is being stated…just his opinion? He is taking on the manneurisms of those mega preachers who he critiques in other videos. He talks about mega pastors but he himself has a 6k+ mega church. He takes on the same mannerisms of those that tell those have been molested and abused to be quiet. Doesn’t this fly in the face of testifying? G is scratching those that have an itch.

    Be weary of anyone who puts there own spin on summarizing the bible.

  3. I don’t know about the 6,000 member church.

  4. sheez said

    Yeah Go G.Craige go… I support this message 100%.. and believe that it was a message from God.. & we as believers need to stand up for the truth, and continue to help this Great man in his ministry, because everything he preaches about hip-hop, if you do your research, you’ll find everything excatly the same, and also for the state of the church, with the greed and deception of the pastors. The Devil’s blinding and deceiving people, and G.Craige has been sent as a prophet to help save lives. It’s time we all gathered in Groups and formed anti hip-hop groups, and also formed other positive groups such as Exministries Groups to promote this message, and spread it. The Church needs to wake up…. & it’s time we all stood together….. Until The Final End!

  5. SC said

    G craig is not a pastor of a 6k plus church, he is an evangelist who is a member of a church with 6k +.

  6. prayrwarrior said

    Wow! I was excited until I saw how old James’ post was. A mega-church, indeed! If that were the case I would definitely go and check it out, but Minister Lewis has said on numerous occasions he would never pastor a church; he will normally correct you if you refer to him as a pastor. Your response to the video bespeaks a conviction brought on by the Holy Spirit. I’ll admit: I was offended by what he has said about Tyler Perry. I like Tyler; I think Madea is hilarious, but the Word of the LORD is clear: Man shall not wear any garment pertaining to a woman. Minster Lewis didn’t make that up. It’s in the Bible. And what do you mean when you say this:”He takes on the same mannerisms of those that tell those have been molested and abused to be quiet. Doesn’t this fly in the face of testifying? G is scratching those that have an itch.” I don’t get that. Minister Lewis has said that he didn’t tell anyone about his abuse; but I have never heard him say to survivors of abuse not to tell anyone. Not that I know of. Being a survivor myself, I think that is a deeply personal issue anyway.

  7. Jolly Hana Young said

    Power to G.Craige Lewis!!! This man comes with a powerful messag with so much understanding on what he’s presented the church and the world with. The church really needs a knock upside the head and understand that “secular” and “gospel” does not mix. The Holy Bible specifically quotes that the church needs to separate itself from the world or anything that is of the world. GOD DOES NOT accept Homosexuals,liars,murders, prostitutes or anything that is anti-christ into his kingdom UNLESS they CHANGE! I believe G.Craige 100% & plus because he has evidence and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT moves me and those who believe his word….for those of you that do not believe in this man and thinks that he’s just a loon…..May GOD BLESS you! The word of GOD says that his people LACK KNOWLEDGE!!!..those who don’t understand the word of GOD and just believes what the world has to offer…which is basically anything thas has to do with anti-christ.


  8. Personally i don’t like him. He’s downing all these people that already have so many problems. Paula was molested so as Donnie McClurkin, Tonex was critizied and dropped from the label, he lost his wife, Tyler Perry was poor and living in his car, Bishop Jakes was also very poor. God has used these people though to get through to the ones with similar problems. They have so many fans because not only can they say “hey they got through with God so can i!” but they feel the great annoiting from them. I’m telling you just about every single person he talks about are the exact people that helped a 1,000+ get saved.

    Christian hip hop is GREAT! Me and other people of the youth nation like hip hop and rap. Alot of kids wouldn’t even listen to gospel if it didn’t have the boom and bumpin dance moves. If their rappin the good news it’s bad because of the fact their rappin it??

    Anyone could be called on by God. He doesn’t limit His caller id to the ‘holy and santicfied’.

    How could one say “God doesn’t accept homosexuals, murders, liars etc. but Jesus Christ Himself sat with these people?? God said HE LOVES ALL! That means everyone that’s anyone! Nobodies a nobody! Have you noticed that the main folks to bring millions to Christ are the ones that struggled at first??
    Gosh some of you people act like the folks that were standing their shouting “Crucify him!” Do you not know that one of the reasons He was being killed for not doing what the sinners were doing but being around them?? Eating with…talking to them…allowing them to follow Him??

    Really if your a true Christian you would pray for deliverance of your brothers and sisters instead of downing them.

    We need to ask ourselves again what defines you as a Christian??
    Surely i thought it was if you believe in God and that Jesus Christ is indeed His Son and died for one’s sins then you became saved!

    I’m not christian anymore because i smoke??
    or because i use profanity??
    God allows us to remit ourselves and to ask for forgiveness because He knows we CANNOT perfect ourselves.

    Lewis is talking of his opinions, some of it is fact but a plenty is things that shouldn’t even be said…

  9. nhel said

    let me just day one thing or those who enjoy hip hop lives changed and are they walking in holyness and righteousness. have they repented from all their sins and died to self and given their lives to JESUS CHRIST their LORD and SAVIOR TO MOLD INTO WHAT HE WONTS THEM TO BECOME ??????? i am almost 70 and i know first hand rock and roll destroyed a lot of my childrens friends . they also have so called christian rock too but i never see many lives changed …. look at amy grant . she got a divorce and married another womans husband .. did her life change? no it did not. look at the facts of wht happened to these folks that were and are in the christian rock movement so you think the christian hip hop movement is amune to what happened to them. look what happened to king david when he played with fire . are you in hip hop stronger than he or love the LORD more than he did?
    think think think young people your very soul could be at stake.

  10. NYourWill said

    This man is a joke. He’s also an embarrassment to Christianity. I don’t understand why people would want sit and listen to him. If I was a member of the church that invited him, I would no longer attend that church. He has something negative to say about EVERYONE. Then we as Christians (especially black Christians) wonder why people don’t take us serious. Instead of traveling around the country with your hate, use that plane ticket money to minister to abused women or homeless people.

  11. Anonymous said

    would u please email me the hx of or where you researched info re men who wear earrings

  12. Renee said

    This poor man is a walking contradiction. I will just pray for him like I do all of the others who have spit so many hindrances out here to baby listening ears. When we use our message to speak against others it is the attitude of a Pharisee. These people he speaks against have paid their dues and have experienced things that this gentleman would’ve never imagined, but now he probably understands since he is now in the same boat a Mega “Name”/ Pastor. Trust me once God promotes you he will put you in some circumstances you wouldn’t dare dream of! “…To whom much is given much is required…”And suddenly you find yourself contradicting what you thought was your own staunched theology! Don’t ever try to say “who’s” right and who’s wrong and then make it public. Simply preach against “what” is right or wrong. Continue to judge life next to the word as you grow. Because trust as God grows you there will be the secret man of the heart who will continue to “…guide us into all truth…and…convict the (us) world of our sins…” and when that happens we all end up repenting about something or another that we thought we were so right about. Just shut up, love and listen to God’s heart and don’t try to placate it on to others because different things apply at different times.

  13. nisha said

    Shame man it is really sad to see that people who profess to be christians are fighting so hard to hold onto their worldly ways hey. What i want to know my brothers and sisters is , do you ever tkae the tim to open the bible and compare G Craig’s message to the scriptures? do you line up what he speaks against in the bible? No i doubt it and even if you did ,then you ignore what God is trying to show you because you are busy with this same thing that he is speaking out against. another thing,you would not sit under his sermons because it preaches back to you about you.I dont think he is condeming the men that profess to know God I think he condemns their works. aye and even Jesus called the men vipers and snakes that was in the church but ungodly , please read your bibles guys and do yourself a favour ,get a real bible not this new age bibles that is written to suit the itching ears..Brother Craig you keep exposing them satanists in the church , it is disgusting how these pastors are carrying on

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