Pastor Gary Oliver!

Pastor Gary Oliver singing about the goodness of the Lord!


  1. Beverly Robinson said

    Hi Pastor Oliver,
    My name is Beverly Robinson and I am a writer of gospel songs, as well as poetry. short stories,plays ,and personalized greeting cards. God has truly blessed me with the gift of writing. I have loved the gift that God has placed in you for a very long time.You represent kingdom order and the love of Christ whenever I see you. I have seen you on TBN as well as in the house of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.
    Pastor Oliver God has given me some songs that I know was written with you in mind. I would love to send the samples to you, for your listening.My email address BE BLESSED!

  2. Anonymous said

    Hello,my Grandfather was John D.Oliver his wife was Nancy.My mother is 72 yrs.old her name is Genene Oliver.My Grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher in Hazard for many years then had a farm in Clay City.They are both burried in Hazard.Are we related?I have uncles Johnny,Glen,larry and Aunts Ernistine,Janet,Sara,Evon Oliver.Simon and Winston Oliver are my cousins.I guess Simon is in prison for a 30yr sentence and last I heard Winston was a disc jockey.Please write back and let me know.Thanks,Eric Dolan

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