Barack Obama on Donnie McClurkin

Will Barack Obama’s stance on Homosexuality shown on this video clip, cost him the Pentecostal and Holiness Vote?


  1. concerned said

    We all know that presidental canidates will say almost anything to gain any type of votes. God help us

  2. Bishop Tim said

    I don’t understand how anyone who calls themselves a Christian can vote for this man. He is supporting the very things that the Bible calls SIN!!!!! Where are the leaders in the black community taking a stand for holiness and righteousness? I think God has to be about to puke!

  3. will sweet said

    I suppose some would say that it doesn’t matter- gay rights are a lesser fish or a minor issue, look at the bigger picture. Some would also say that the promotion of same sex unions will corrupt the minds of the young. Surely it the promotion of something that Jesus never advocated and to say that he did flies in the face of orthodoxy. Not to mention the fact that the people in our generation who have provided testimony that they once had queer or same sex feelings/orientation and now have exclusively heterosexual desires are a group that is muted by the mainstream media (and in some cases muted in the church world because of homophobia).

    What I find disturbing is that some will support Barack Obama just because he has African American blood or hillary just because she is a female. The pains of what African Americans and disenfranchised females have historically endured in this country have a very real impact upon how people vote- so if the candidate looks like them or they have some affinity they think that he or she automatically has some affinity to them and represents their self-interests. It could well be that all of the candidates are not that different from one another but the facades seem different- the change that some hope will come socially just because someone who looks like them seems, for the first time, to have a reasonably realistic chance of winning and seems like the antidote to what is currently in office reminds me of how the children of Judah had their hopes up of the messiah bringing about a social revolution. When Jesus didn’t do that they rejected him (and many still do).

    There is a revolution rooted in holiness and supernatural love and justice that God is ushering in, but won’t it transcend whoever happens to be in government?

  4. Norman said

    Here’s the deal people. What we believe about homosexuality has NO business in the political arena. I am a gospel musician. Every since I’ve been in the gospel arena, homosexuals have reigned unchecked. They’ve preached to us, we’ve bought their recordings, they have directed our choirs, played our instruments, turned our church out, plus we sing their songs in our churches every sunday morning. Pastors have tolerated it for all these years. Now, all of a sudden, we condemn what we have allows. I have performed at gospel concert where I was the only straight male on stage. This is the height of hypocracy. The gay community should be in an uproar due to the fact that some of the same pastors that allowed them to dance all over the church just to impress people, will now want to speak out against them.

  5. Why doesn’t it belong in the political arena? Tell that to the millions who vote for Republicans year after year because of their family values platforms. African Americans have been loyal to Democrats for years, but many will abandon the Democratic Ship if that Ship doesn’t adjust it’s course. In your others comments make that some Pastors, and not all! Mr. Norman wrong is just wrong! God loves the homosexual, yet God hates the sin of homosexuality!

  6. Norman said

    Right or wrong is not an issue. The hypocracy is the issue. Let me prophesy to you. Gay marriage will happen, civil unions will all but replace marriage, laws will be passed that will hold preachers liable for comments from the pulpit. This nation was not built on Christian values, it was built on Christian deception.
    Secondly, whether the church believes it or not, homosexuality is not a choice, its genetic. I do not condone it, but I do agree the that they are born that way. You can’t ignore the data. However, the point I was making is that we as a church have tolerated homosexuals all these years, but now we want condemn this. As a musician, some of the most talented people I know are homosexuals. They sing beautifully, direct choirs with excellence, and will bring excitement to your church. Thats why you’ll tolerated them so long. They built your churches, especially Black churches. To me, this is another double standard of the church.

  7. First of all if they were born that way, they can be born again! Your statements above were harboring on the verge of being absolute nonsense! They built black churches, where have you been? The strength of the Black Church has not come from community choirs and choir directors. I don’t accept your post, but I will admit that you have a right to your own opinion. Especially black churches? Where did that come from?

  8. Norman said

    I was just stating what I have seen. I have worked with a lot of black christian organizations: Church of God in Church, Full Gospel Baptist, Apostolic Faith, Bibleway, Progressive Baptist. These, among other organizations have allowed homosexual behavior for years. They turn an un-seeing eye to gay choir directors because they are good at their craft and that attracts a lot of people. As I said, I am not condoning it, but we should accept the fact that we have allowed it. We should have spoken out when they were acting like “prima-donna’s” up and down church aisles.
    As a young christian years ago, I would question the presence of openly gay individuals in church ministry, especially in the area of music. Most pastors would just brush me to the side. Why, because these men and women provided good entertainment. They had the charisma to move the people. And, it is still happening.
    Yes, they can and must be born again. Yet we are not faultless in this matter.
    Thank you.

  9. Make that some churches. All black churches’ music departments do not mirror the ones that you have seen! Stereotyping is a horrible thing to do, and I can’t say that some in the church shouldn’t have taken a tougher stance on these issues. However; all churches don’t share these policies!!

  10. Norman said

    I agree. Thank you.

  11. Holiness is right!!! It’s holiness or hell, simple as that. Holiness without no man shall see the Lord. The true church of Jesus Christ separate yourselves from the unclean things of this world. Come out from among them saith the Lord.

  12. Norman said

    To weepingprophet. I think what has happened to the church is that technology has caught up with us. Before we knew anything about genetics and DNA, Old Testament writers were free to condemn anything that they thought was wrong, and then give it a label that “God said”. We have learned many things since the old Testament was written. We now know that crabs, shrimp, and lobsters are not unclean. We know that slavery is wrong although the Old Testament supports is. We eat bacon, sausage, pork chops, ham, etc although the Old Testament condemns it. We do not kill people who committ adultery which the Old Testament says do. If Jesus had to correct the wrongs of Old Testament prophets, then maybe we need to do so too.

  13. The comment immediately above this one has nothing to do with scripture, but it sounds like what that person thinks only!

  14. clergy said

    The Wages of sin is Death, But the gift of God is enternal Life.Yes God Loves all, but he hates sin, homesexuality is a sin just as telling a lie and fornicating, adultery, sin is sin,… Jesus is Coming soon, cant you see the signs of the time…Be Ready.. get you r life together…

  15. JJ said

    Personally, I don’t think that it isnt or at least it should be “homophobia” as barrack and so many others for pro gay rights community say. Sin is Sin. And even in my preaching, just as single ppl are caught up in fornication or like a murderer or whatever…sin is sin. No homophobia, no just not caring for gays, but not tolerating sin. We should always love the people and not judge, but certainly we are to stand for what is God.

  16. TheRealIssue said

    Pastor Donnie McClurkin was raped by two gay men at a very young age. Rape is a violent crime and it messes with the mind because the person’s body is unwillfully and unlovingly damaged. He is going to resist anyone who pressures him into talking about homosexuality because it is too painful. People do not have to agree with other people’s views.

    The law (whether God’s or man’s) is not set by the common everyday person. It is set by a higher authority. The people in authority who can approve the things you want are who you should focus on.

    I don’t like the reference that “black churches” need to be less homophobic. That sounds like homosexuality is accepted in the all non-black churches, when the church uses a book that speaks against it. If people want to be accepted for WHO THEY ARE, then accept the church for WHAT IT IS.

  17. John said

    Black churches, white churches, hispanic churches – that all does not matter. Barack Obama is playing on the African American ticket, but standing up for something that completely goes against what the Bible says is a spirit of Anti-Christ. I’m not saying Obama is the Anti-Christ, but he is portraying that spirit. What we need to do, as Christians, is to say absolutely not! We will not bend, break, nor bow to the one who stands for sin. We are children of God, and that is what will take us through.

  18. John, Come let’s reason together! Barack Obama is African American what is wrong with his trying to appeal to other African Americans? The Bible goes up against so many things such as treating the poor right, where is your anger with our current administration? Why aren’t they Hell-Bound? John, I suspect there are undertones in your comments, but I will leave that alone for now!

  19. Bobe said

    Where are Sodom & Gomorrah now?

  20. Pastor Robert Mallory said

    Personally I dont think that I have to agree with everything Obama Stands for to elect him President. Pentecostals have elected pro choice canidates to office while they may not agree with abortion that is not the only thing that was on the platform .Obamas views about homsexuality are not the only thing on his platform. I do not expect my President, Cogressman or senator to legislate morality. that is the Job of the church to reach the lost and change a nation. Only the Gospel can change a nation legislation can not and will not.

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