Senator Chuck Grassley’s Interview About Televangelist Investigations!

Senator Chuck Grassley’s Interview About Televangelist Investigations! Isn’t it ironic that every ministry that is being investigated is a Pentecostal Ministry? What about The Catholic Church? Isn’t the Vatican Controlling Billions of Dollars?


  1. joh11 said

    Hardly relevant… as the head of the roman catholic faith is based in Rome ITALY…Sen Grassley hardly has the jurisdiction to investigate them… but these so called “ministries” ..Dollar/Copeland/Hinn/Myers/etc in the US do come under his jurisdiction.

  2. carlton said

    However, the nature of the investigation has relevance for every Christian church/group, all prejudice aside. Even if you don’t like the group or member(s) of the targeted group, there is still supposed to be innocence until proven guilty in the United States.

    NRB – – sent a letter
    The National Religious Broadcasters expressed concern about Grassley’s investigation in early December, even though none of the six ministries is an NRB member. NRB President Frank Wright said in a letter to Grassley he was worried about the “broader implications,” saying the senator’s letter “goes far beyond a mere request for financial records necessary to scrutinize the charitable nature of [an] organization’s operations.”

    Craig Parshall, NRB’s senior vice president and general counsel, criticized Grassley’s letter, arguing that “more than three decades ago the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the wisdom of tax exemptions for non-profit religious organizations.”

    “The court held that such a framework reinforced the required ‘insulating’ of church groups from excessive government oversight,” Parshall said, “but unfortunately Senator Grassley’s overly broad approach utilizes an axe rather than a scalpel in this delicate constitutional area, and also oversteps the IRS audit procedures which are designed for handling these kinds of issues.”
    Christianity Today carries similar articles, one entitled “Oversight Overstep.” A Baptist Press article registers chill over elements of the “investigation.” There are others, seeing the red flag and awakening to the fact that they have a dog in this race. These are entirely disparate groups here.

    The comment in the NRB letter about Grassley using an axe instead of a scalpel describes his treatment of this. It is unprecedented as many are noting, but I understand this tactic is not new to the senator – hook in with the media and get them to help get the hooks in whomever he is after. Then contact the target after he has laid the mines. Where are the ethics in that? Where is due process?

    The senator’s high toned statements do not match his low blow actions. If you’ve got a point, got evidence, then make the point and use the evidence. Instead, he has laid this open to a religiously adverse media and the buffoonery do-nothings delight in. If he has anything like what is claimed over and over, that volkswagon full of stuff, then why haven’t the IRS or the Justice Department swooped down on anyone by now?

    I see Copeland taking high ground with this, rather than hiding something, There is something to protect. As with most things, it’s a pay now or pay later situation with freedoms.

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