2008 is The Year of God’s Special Deliverance for You!

2008 is The Year of God’s Special Deliverance for You! Wouldn’t it take a special deliverance to bring some of us out of what we had to endure in 2007? God has an awesome year ahead for The Body of Christ. The Body of Christ took so many punches in 2007 and has had it’s share of black eyes, teary eyes, and weary eyes in this year. However; God will restore all that the enemy has stolen from the Saints of God during this year in the year to come. 2008 will be God’s Year of Special Deliverance for many in The Body of Christ.

It will be the Year that God has you (Yes I Said You) in mind for an awesome deliverance. Isn’t it amazing that sometimes we have shouted so much over the deliverance of others that we sometimes forget that God will deliver us too? The songwriter penned it is no secret what God can do, what he has done for others he will do the same for you. God has a special deliverance in store for you in the year of 2008! A special deliverance is a deliverance that God has with you in mind!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith
Sure House Church, Inc.


  1. d.r. wilson said

    Well, this year is not over yet!
    So far it has been hell!
    My family made new commitments, and vows for ministry, and prayer.
    Please pray for our family.

  2. The best is still yet to come! We are praying for you! God has not turned his back on you,or your family! God has your situation firmly in his hand!

  3. TJ said

    I believe this Word and I receive it in the Name of Jesus. God will deliver, He is a Deliverer and He wants His people delivered. I know that I shall, I will and I must see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. God is faithful and He will never allow us to go through more than He has equipped us to endure. Thank you for this Word! God Bless You! It is well in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!! Praise be to God, I am excited about the deliverance that God is bringing into the life of His believers. Praise be to the Most High God!!!

  4. Patricia Purcell said

    To The Pastors, Churches, President, of The United States, George Bush,
    Congress, Governors, Television Networks, associated Press, Obama, McCain

    As a Christian I believe that prayer can change anything. The Lord spoke to me and gave me the date of July 23, 2008. I don’t know why the date and it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that I obey the Lord. He has spoken to me that all the churches come together as one unite in prayer for the economy and including the gas prices. Satan knows that his time is short and he is trying every trick that he can. But we who know Jesus know that Jesus has given us the authority and God is in control. The Lord said if two or three come together in his name the Father will give us what we ask. If He will give us what we ask if there are two or three just think what would happen if all saints in the nation come together at one time, on the same day and hour, 12 noon on the 23 of July. I know that you don’t know who I am but I believe one day you will. I never do anything concerning the Lord without His permission. Think about it would Satan ask you to come to Prayer.
    I am 71 years young and have been a shut-in for approximately 14 years. I became ill years before then and He has never left me or forsaken me and I will never quit or give up. Ten years ago The Lord said to me I am going to give you your youth back and Jesus said to me you will speak for me and I giggled and said not me I can’t remember from one minute to the next and He said to me but I can. I’ve been waiting and I will stand and keep on standing until the Lord say that it is time. God has brought me out of so very much. I have been in four comas, paralyzed from my neck down, the doctors said I would never walk again, but I now walk, praise God, they told my daughter that I was dead but god breathed on me and back I came. There was a time when I was in and out of the hospital seven to eight months out of the year but in the last four years by the grace of God I refused to claim another day in the hospital and I have never been back.
    I Know God, I have seen His glory and I know that He has work for me to do. He has kept me here for a reason He didn’t have to but He did in the name of Jesus Christ. I know His voice, I shall obey. Although I have had to suffer for a little while with grief in all kinds of trials, I will wait. Moses was 80 and Abraham was 75. I just wanted to tell you a very little about myself. I pray that you and your congregation will join in bringing the nation of Gods true sons in prayer, and all others who want to know the Lord and wish to be saved. July 23 is on a Wednesday, but let your congregation know, wherever they are on that day at 12 noon to pray like never before, whatever their needs are begin to pray on that day, even if it is on the street corner. Tell their friends, coworkers, strangers, even their enemies, anyone who will listen. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. God answers prayer. The glory of the Lord literally stayed with me for nine months He spoke with me and I saw Him every day. When He brought me out of my first coma, there was a matter with a casino. This casino wanted the residents’ homes in the suburbs of Atlantic City, N.J. They were having meetings constantly but they still lost their homes. The Lord said to me they never asked me. God only want the best for us. Call on the Lord Amen. These are crucial times the bride of Jesus must come together and unite without a wrinkle or a blemish. Will He be able to say to us as He did to Philadelphia, I am coming soon hold on to your crown let no one take it. Time is winding up, Jesus is coming. The Lord wants all his people to know that Jesus is coming. When you ask the Lord about me, He calls me Baby Girl. Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated. I will pray for you and please pray for me. You have already been blessed. With love in Christ I thank you in the name of Jesus Amen.
    Pat Purcell
    714 Clearview Ave. Pleasantville N.J. 08232

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