The Testimony for 2007!

Pastor Marvin Sapp has a hit that personifies the feelings of the many Christians who have endured such a tough year in the year of 2007. We Never Would Have Made It Without God! It was quite a year that was filled with so many challenging moments. Let’s look forward to the Promise of 2008!


  1. david tunn said

    Jan of last year I was in a motorcycle accident,that left me paralized,from chest down,I can’t use my fingers either.I’ve been in out hospital all of last year,this year to.A car pulled out in front of me,I was ejected 50ft.The guy stoped said he was sorry an drove off,lucky I was right at church well about 200yrds from church.My family came to my rescue,I was air lifted,an have spinal cord injury,n yes I had a helment on.I NEVER SHOULD MADE IT ,was for me.I couldn’t talk now I can,had a 2% chance of living but i’m still here.I’m stronger I couldn’t lifted my arms but look at me now.I just wanted to say THANK YOU,for the push,drive,detrermation,.I’m 30yrs old the devil thought he had me,I MADE IT,I MADE IT,NEVER SHOULD MADE IT,I MADE IT.I might be in wheelchair but i’m determine to go on. THANK YOU AGAIN……

  2. We are praying for you! Keep us updated with praise reports on your rapid progess! Be Blessed!

  3. Marie A. Franklin said

    Truly God is good. I have been through so many trials this year. Only the Almighty, brought me through. I would have never made it without God.I am in the Church Of Christ. Amen

  4. francine Harris said

    I just want to say I have been a fan of Marvin Sapp even before never could have made it was released. His music has really been a blessing in my life. I didn’t always listen to his music because i only heard maybe one song on the radio most of the time. One day i went to the music store to purchase a CD. I could not decide which one to pick. would it be Marvin Sapp or another artist, so I decided to purchase Marvin sapp. I was hooked every since. I use to try to listen to other artist but I always seemed to go right back to Marvin. He has such an anointing on his music. May God was using his music to encourage me. My children said that I was worshiping him because I play his music so much. I told them that It wasn’t him but the spirit of God in the music. It does not suprise me that he’s doing so well. I mostly all of his CD’s. One day in the classroom I had the children listening to Trust In God Never Doubt He”ll work things out. They stated to dance off of it which was fine with me. I never would have made it without God in my life raising seven son’s because my husband’s father shoot and killed him.

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