Prophetess Joyce Haddon

Prophetess Joyce Haddon is a great Warrior For Christ!


  1. Taneatia Andrews said

    I truly honor the lord for this great woman of God who ive been knowing since i was about eleven. God spoke through her in my life somethings that ive never shared with no one.Ive also had the chance to also stay at her house for summers after summers as a little girl with her daughter clarita who is one of my bestfriends.And i can truly say this woman of God is save at church an save whe n the lights r out.And she is tuly a woman of God who stays concearn about u and i dont care what time it is she will get on that phone and its power through the phone.And i just want to say I LOVE U MOMMA J Love Always

  2. maria' said

    I really thank God for Propetness Haddon she has been a mentor and an inspiration to me. She just recently attend our convention in GA. and I was bless through her ministry. I pray that God will continue to bless her and her family. I LOV U Propetness Haddon your book ‘Priceless Woman” has blessed me. LOV YA!!!!!!!


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