Bishop Noel Jones Preaching!

Bishop Noel Jones Preaching! Need we say more?


  1. Esther Barhelemy said

    Of course the message is awesome! I am living it. I want the whole message.

    I need help,finding dvds of Bishop Jones messages. I went on his website and only found, his books. Would someone please send me informations at my email adress? I would really appreciate this, thanks.

  2. TJ said

    If you go into bookstore you will see all his tapes. There is an option in the drop down menu list all, there are over 20 pages.

  3. Olgie Anderson-Lee said

    I always listen and knew about Dr. Noel Jones Ministry but I never went to his website until today. I prayed this morning and read my daily devotional “the pray of Jabez -Oh, that You would bless me INDEED”. When I turned to BET this morning, Dr. Jones was speaking. That is when God led me to this particular website. I am at the cross road where I am understanding that I have to “turn around”. The first will be last and the last will be become FIRST. I am ready to accept the call that God is giving me within my finances, my leadership within the church and my new business that I am getting ready to expand. Thank you for such inspiring message because I know that the Lord is in the BLESSING Business. By the way, my middle name is Ruth. Such confirmation.
    Thank You
    I will get his tapes for our youth ministry within our church.

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