Prophet Brian Carn

Prophet Brian Carn is a rising force on the evangelistic circuit! He’s either 19 or 20 years old. Let’s pray that the Lord will keep his hands on this young man, and that all of the traps that the enemy may set for this young man will be rendered helpless!


  1. Trenessia said

    do you know where i can get his information from so that he can come to my church and preach and to our people?I would grealt appreciate the information.

  2. Anonymous said

    God has done something miraculos in this young man of God life he is God anointed man for the hour he is surely God’s man.

  3. Stephanie Caldwell said

    Hello and God Bless Everyone,

    I am so excited about the ministry of Prophet Carn. I first encountered his ministry by watching the postings of him on youtube. I grew up in church and when I tell you I’ve never experienced the power of God like that in my life. It is incredibly to see a young person flowing so heavily in the anointing of God like that. I am a young woman in ministry myself and that is the type of power I am hungry and thirsty for. My desire is to be connected to persons who just forget everything and totally give God all. I have not had the opportunity to be in any of Prophet Carn’s services but just watching him on the internet, makes me definitely want to someday soon. I live in Atlanta, GA and if anyone knows when he will be in my state or have his contact info., please post because I will definitely make it my business to be there. I pray that God continues to use Prophet Carn as he stays dedicated, consecrated and yielded to God.

  4. Alexandria said

    Hello frist of all I want to give God all the Gorly and priase. I am 13 and I have seen Prophet Carn four times once in Goldsboro, North Carolina and three times in Faytville North Carolina. And the times that I have seen him I was truely blessed. I have decided to change the way that I live. I just thank God for him and I will keep him in my prays. And you should to.

  5. Charity Smith said

    Giving honor to God who is truly my life health and strength. I had my first encounter with Prophet Carn this weekend at my pastor’s 18 pastoral anniversary. This is an awesome man of God. When I found out his age I really out done. This man is truly a man of God.

  6. antinac said

    And God said, “I have not left you nor forsaken you”.

    These words ring constant in my soul the last couple of days. Let me explain how God orchestrated my week.

    On March 7th at 6:55am, my 19 year old sister phoned me from Chicago (I live in Renton, WA). She was high in the spirit and shared with me her experience over the last couple of days at a local church rival where Prophet Brian Carn had been speaking the mighty word of God. At the close of his week there, he announced that he was going to be in Seattle, WA the following weekend. My sister cried out and said, “That’s where my sister lives”.

    So she phoned me this day (3/7) at 6:55am to give me a word from the Lord and to tell me that I needed to be there with my children. That God is getting ready to bless our family and my finances. I sat in silence and weeped. For the week prior to her calling I was stressed, dealing with my 18 year son who was struggly to pass courses needed to graduate from high school (the councilor had phoned to day that Jeremy would not be graduating in June because he did not have enough credits. However, as angry as I was at him, God told me differently and He put in me more strength to focus on getting my son set up for online classes that I could monitor his progress) and go on to college in LA in the fall to pursue his passion in the arts. So I weeped, and could only say, “okay”, Lord I will be obedient. Lord I need you. You see, my son is not a street kid. He’s an arts kid and all he wants to do is sing, dance and act. So English, math, science and social studies are not his favorites and do no hold his attention to consistently do the work. However, when he does the work, he is an A/B student.

    My sister then said, that I was to take a seed. I said okay. When I hung up the phone, I said, “Okay Lord, how much. He said, $100, very quietly and very softly as He always does when He speaks to me. Now my sister did not have all the location, time, etc, details of this church. Therefore, she proceeded to call out here and get that information, calling the actual church and speaking to the Pastor. She told the Pastor that she had just been blessed by the word of Prophet Carn and that she had a sister out in Seattle that needs to attend this rival. She also stated that her sister does not have a car at this time and the Pastor stated that he would pick us up, but that I needed to be there on Thursday night, which was the first night of the rival.

    Let me show you how God worked this. Amanda called me on Monday, and gave me the location of the church. I quickly map qwest it and Lord, the church was within 3 minutes of where I live. GLORY!!!!

    Now the work of God continues. So transportation was not an issue, especially since I decided to invite a friend and she drove. On Thursday afternoon (day of the rival) I went to the grocery store to get a few items to cook for dinner and to withdraw funds to give a seed that night. I asked the lady how much could I withdraw, she stated up to $100. I only withdraw $50. Before I go on, let me say that the day God softly spoke to me to say my seed was to be $100, a vision came to me that night in my dreams that an individual was going to give me a large sum of money to fund my feature film on HIV/AIDS in the African American Community and the Church. I was going to be obedient and seed $100 over the course of the 3 days rival (see I, “not God” had mapped out a plan on how I was going to sow my seed of $100 over the course of 3 days. Isn’t that how we do it some time, and then wonder why the plan didn’t work, when we knew what God told us).

    Okay, so Thursday at 5pm, my sister phones to rejoice again about what God is getting ready to do in our family because we are obedient. At 7pm, we are rejoicing and worshiping the Lord to usher Him into this place. By 8:30pm, Prophet was speaking the word of God to many. With my hands raised and eyes closed God touched and revealed things about my house hold, my finances , my personality, my future etc through the voice of this mighty Prophet. My God, everything he spoke was confirmation of what God had been speaking to me for a very long time, even describing a room that you see when you enter my house to the fact that he saw all these shoes lined up in my house. I am a single mom of two children, but over the course of 7 months there has been up to 5/6 kids living in my house,4 of which were teenage foreign exchange students from China, Thailand, Columbia and Macedonia. Needless to say that this added to increasing stress level (a single mom, with limited income). This room he described as a room to the right when you first enter my house before reaching the living room, and that this room just had a lot of “stuff” in it. OMG (is that how the young people say it, Oh My God). This was the room where two of my female foreign exchange students slept and over the course of several months there had been so much drama (stuff) with my student from Thailand that I had to have her removed. There’s was an unwanted spirit there and the day she left, I could feel God’s spirit hovering over the air and the spirit of peace re-took it’s rightful place in my home, at least for a few days, because the enemy was not happy and continued to bring junk (stuff) with this student to my home.

    Okay, so let’s get back to what then occurred during the course of Prophet speaking to me, he then went on to say that there were 5 people here tonight that was to sow a seed of $100. As he stood there with his hands on me, I knew without hesitation that I was one of those individuals, but had only taken out $50 (of which I gave $20 to my friend to sow that night). Without hesitation, I pulled out my debit card walk to the alter to give me seed (a 7-11 was less than one minute away) and when service was over, went to this 7-11 and withdraw $100 to take back to the church and sow that $100.

    Now I know that this is a long blog, and I hope and pray as you read this , that you are blessed by my testimony. I am here to say, that there is a stronger force moving in my home today. After that service on Thursday night, I could not sleep. I was on FIRE. I am not one to send out emails of this magnitude to friends,family members even enemies, but I did that night, inviting all that I could to attend Friday night services and praying that they would. ONE attended and God blessed.

    So, Friday night, I returned, but this time with my two children (my son had to work, but I told him the night before that he was to call in and say that he would not be able to work because he needed to attend a family engagement. I spoke these words but it felt like it was God speaking them through me to him. It was soft and without hesitation) and one of my foreign exchange students along with my friend again. Friday night was stronger than Thursday night. I could hardly sit still. I had to get in my own little space and quietly thank God for all that He has done for me. So I quietly remained in the back of the church while Prophet continue to deliver God’s word to many, stretching out my hands to pray for that individual as Prophet spoke over them. At the end of the service, when Prophet asked if there’s was anyone who was not saved that wanted to make a change tonight, I looked up and GLORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY , there was my 18 year old son walking to the front of the church to give his life to GOD. I sit here and I just close my eyes and say THANK YOU Lord!!!! You see, I come from a long line of men in my family where “prison, drugs, gangs” has lived at their door steps. I declared a long time ago, that that generational curse would not live in my home. I’ve raised my son by myself all his life. His father (who found himself strung out on drugs when my son was only a year old) has never been a strong role model and a driving force in Jeremy’s life.

    Do you know how good God is???? OMG!!! Jesus!!! I’m still moving in His presence. When I laid down to rest last night at 2:30am this morning I was wide awake, praying, meditating and thanking Him. As I walk through the house, I could feel Him still holding me, as I type this I can feel Him over me smiling, because He’s pleased. You see after service was over and I stood out side in the cold, the Holy Spirit says, “Now we can move forward”. GLORY!!!!!! GLORY!!!!!

    Even as I type those words “Now we can move forward” and I look at them, it feels like deja vu….

    One last point to share with you, during the week, I had not been feeling so well. I went to the doctor on Thursday and the first thing the nurse wanted to say to me was, “do you think that you may be a little depressed and maybe need to consider anti-depressant medication”. My eyes begin to tear up, and I looked her into her eyes and said “NO”. I may be a little stressed (causing these lumps), but I’m not depressed and I do not need any medication at least not the kind of medication she was indicating. I did need medication and I received it Thursday night, Friday night and will be going back Sunday to get an overdose, except this overdose will not kill me at least not my spirit. It will however continue to kill the stressed flesh. Hallelujah.!!!!

    May God’s will be over everyone reading this blog.

    Peace, love and many blessings to you and your family.

    Antina Campbell
    Triple-Diamond Productions, LLC.

  7. Prophetess Linda Seabrooks said

    Hello my name is Linda Seabrooks, my husband had a chance to be in one of prophet’s meeting but had to leave early. We enjoyed him and wanted to sow a seed unto him. Please e-mail us his information.

  8. Elijah said

    I saw Prophet Brian Carn in action in Fayetteville, NC. God used him to do a work like nevert before in the church. He confirm some of the things that was already said. I am going to continue to keep him lift up in pray. I was never the same after that night he preached at the church.

  9. He is in Asheville NC at my church right now ministering!!! The HOLY GHOST is raining down!!! Pray for this anointed man of GOD!!!! HE is young but GOD is using HIM in a mighty way!!!!

  10. Udarrin said

    If anyone knows when Prophet Bryan Carn will be in the Virginia Beach area or within a 2-3 hour drive please leave me a message. God Bless!

  11. sharon w said


  12. Genny said

    This young man is awesome! He has been at Second Ebenezer in Detroit for the last few weeks off and on. Today I was afford an opportunity to experience Gods AWESOME power through him. Unbelievable!


    man of GOD i loe how u bring the word and i would love to have u in jamaica my paster is also a prophet and most of the word u bring line right up with wat he say so i know there one GOD i hope to hesar from u and im asking if u could pray for me and my family also im a musician also and a worshiper but the devil really comeing against me and wat ur sayinf is say hiting me at time all i cant say is och but that the word the is a prophet annpoiting on me when ever i play and sing but when ever i leave the presence i fall but i need help thanks for ur prayer and email

  14. Tameka Smith said

    Hello Everyone! I go to church at Living Waters E.P.C. in Scottsdale, G.A.
    Well I looked at his videos.. He is a strong man of GOD.. But anyways I would like to find any information on him so he can come to my church also.. If you have any information on him please E-mail me at

    Thank You and GOD bless..

  15. pastor holymike said

    l am pastor Holymike from south africa.the senoir pastor of lighthouse Covenant Church.l was watching TCT broadcast when l was the prophet.l am hosting an annual prophetic will be a great encounter to have him as our guest.would you please foward me his profile is in
    my email adress

  16. clarance said

    prophet brian carne is letting GOD use him and im a firm believer that he is saved sanctified and filled with the HOLY GHOST and with fire. I heard one of his sermons ‘its already done he said things that i felt that pertained to me especially when he stated about being on the ground too long, he said that GOD is gonna raise us up. I believe that. I am an ex con i did 4yrs in the California department of corrections. i been out since 6-10-06 and dont have a want to be involved in stuff i was with before. I am a member of the greater whiterose C.O.G.I.C where supertindent W.M. Peterson is the pastor i have been there for 2 years now and i love it. Brian Carne keep on letting God use you and pray for me that GOD will use me and that God will bless me with a job and most importa ntly that GOD will save me and fill me with the holy ghost

  17. OK, please no more bombarding with requests for Brain Carn’s contact information he can be contacted for speaking engagements by contacting him as follows

    Healing House Ministries
    P.O. Box 11507
    Jacksonville, FL 32239

    Administrative Office:
    Booking Information – email a formal letter of invitation including requested dates to:
    Andrea Carn:


    I’m Bro. Thomas Kgopyane from South Africa. Navigating Prophet Brian’s website was a pleasure and interesting. Moreover, I’d like to say that the man of God is indeed a blessing and he was surely born and destined for times and era – if not epoch – such us this!!!

  19. Taneatia Andrews said


  20. Cathy said

    Prophet Brian Carn will be at our church in Radford, VA for about 10 dyas starting on Sept. 21, 2008.
    Radford Church of God in Christ
    206 Russell Avenue
    Radford, VA 24141
    Phone: 540-639-5948
    Fax: 540-639-2510
    Email Us:

  21. Raneika Watson said

    Prophect Carn you are a tru man of God, I just stop by to say keep up the good work and don’t stop lettiin God use you.I got a change to hear this tru man of God in person and trust you me he is a true man of God hurry up come back to the bahamas and we the Agape ful gospel family love you and praying for you.

  22. Pastor holymike said

    Ligthouse covenant church
    polokwane no 2 rissik street

  23. ageeeee said

    For the young lady that wanted to see Prophet Carn in ATL..He will be at Great Faith Ministries in Decatur,Ga the week of Oct 6-10. I am not sure of the days but the church tele # is 404-593-2865. Prophet Carn is definitely an anoited young man of God, and I’m sure if you attend you will not be diappointed!

  24. Tammie Harold said

    Pastor Brian is a true man of God made and set for us in a time, hour and season sent by God. I missed Bible Study last Wed at my church (WCCI)…my pastors Creflo/Taffi Dollar and the Holyspirit led me to which I am a member to see if there were any other live services…I happen to find a convention going on at Greg Davis Ministries church with other preachers there like Neil C Ellis, Jamal Bryant, Sheryl Brady, etc. so I knew this was a true conference because I am partners with their ministries. This is how I learned of Brian Carnes…that wed nite he was preaching and boy did he bring me back where I came from spiritually. I grew up in a pentecostal church and boy I got a chance to praise God like back in the dayzzzz! He opened, renewed, refreshed and regenerated my inner man to the point I have power to do the impossible. God always send a Prophet to help you fulfill your destiny and purpose in the earth. I will be there next week to see him in person in Atlanta on October 8-10…cant wait! It’s almost like Jesus is coming into town or a celebrity because impartation is awaiting in my heart!
    You all be focus, strong and full of faith in these last days. Love ya in Christ!
    Mrs Tammie Harold
    c/o Jesus Loves YOU Too Ministries
    PO Box 491017
    Atlanta GA 30349

  25. Evangelist Davis said

    please tell me where his home church is, I’ve been trying to locate it and I got no results. Please Help!!!!!!

  26. pastor holymike said

    prophet’s ministry has been of tremoundos impact in lighthouse.

  27. HMM said

    Three weeks ago we were so blessed here in botswana to have Pastor holymike from south africa,when this young man was ministering l was just reminded of Prophet Brian Carn,we had the demonic world dislodged in our town through the prophetic released by pastor holymike,and we believe our town will never be the same again,j happen to grab his email adress pastorholymike@yahoo,com
    we lolve man of God here in BOTSWANA

  28. Belinda said

    I have enjoyed watching Pastor Carn on the Word Network on Sunday evenings in our area, West Palm Beach, Fl.
    What is the name of his home church?? Is there a streaming web site?
    This young man is truly Blessed !!! and on fire for the LORD !!!

  29. Patricia said

    Hi, saints. I would like to say that I had the pleasure of being in the service under the powerful anointed of Prophet Brain Carn in Jan.08 in Saginaw, Mich. On my 45th birthday and I could not have had a better B.D. the way God work through this young man is just so wonderful, I had heard about him from my Pastors wife at one of our services and I was so interested in seeing the Prophet. Because, they had witness him in Detroit on I would suppose one of his earlier visits, Nevertheless, I did not get a chance to see hiim but, wanted to so very badly. And all Thanks to God I was able to do so, long story short. And I Love to see God move in this young man. He is Wonderful and by far Faithful to what God has set him out to do. I have two son’s and a daughter for that matter, and I have watched this young mans mother and the joy and Love i see only make me wish God would touch one of my children in such away. Not, in dismay because, we all know God can do anythiing. Nevertheless, Pray for me and my children. But, I would like to say Prophet Brain Carn if you are in the Detroit area and have an extra day on your hand would you PLEASE come and visit me and my Pastor…At Bride of Christ Ministry. 248-342-0634. I would Love to Bless my Pastor and his wife with your presents. The are some giving Loving. Caring, Wonderful people and I am not just saying that By far God has and is using them in a wonderful way and anything I could do to make them Happy I would do it and I realize how much they Love you and it would be of great honor to have you the next time you are in the city of Detroit, Mich. I Love you Prophet Brain Carn with the Love of God. And know that if you have not had the pleasure of being in his present Please by all means be Bless.

  30. Sis Spencer said

    My husband and I have watched this Prophet Brian Carn the past few months and believe he is truly anointed by God. However, we have not been able to find his programing on The Word network the past few weeks. Where can we see him on tv?

    To God be the Glory!!

    Deacon & Sis. Spencer

  31. Kathydell Hayward-Ming said

    I have see this man of God on TV and decided to google his name. I am excited about what I have seen on the internet. Years ago I saw prophets like him. It is refreshing to hear him call the names of people. I believe that he truly hears from The Lord. I have gained much strength just watching him. I have spent many hours doing this.
    After sickness hit about 14 months ago I felt like I needed something more. I got it through this prophet. Please list his itinary. Excuse any mistakes as I had a brain injury.

    I am thankful to be living and still able to praise God.

    May blessing abound

    Your sis. in Christ


  32. sylvia gundy said

    I am trying to find out prophet Brian Carn Jr. scheldule at different churches January and FEBRUARY

  33. destiny said

    hey you came to my church and i liked the word that you gave us.

  34. All I can say is WOW!!!
    I just thank God for the GREAT MAN OF GOD!!!
    May God continue to cover Prophet Brian, from the crown of His head to his feet. I pray God’s Glorious Shield o Protection around Him. All the wiles of the devil won’t work against him. God’s angels that are assigned to my brother’s life shall continue to protect him. Keep on hearing from God. Keep on helping the people of God. You have such a love for the people. That is the true Christian way. If you love God feed His sheep, feed His lambs. This is what Prophet Brian is doing. I have never met this Great Man of God in person, I’ve only veiwed is sermons on the internet. I am going to try my best to attend one of the meetings near me, either in Memphis TN, or Baton Rouge, LA.
    May God continue to extend His Graace and Mercy upon you always, your sister in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Please feel free to visit our Church on the web at
    or view videos of our services on youtube at
    Perhaps someday we can get him to visit us in Mississippi.

  35. Sister LaShon said

    I love watching prophet Carn his annointing, WOW! God has placed such an annointing that is my dream to sit under.
    What I wanna know is who raised him up what pastor n ministry?
    Also i desired to sow into his ministry when he was on Biship Jordan but i was unable to.
    Last, when they’re saying he’s on the word channel it’s not him so when exactly is he on the word network?

  36. Jareka B. said

    Yes Lord!!! Prophet Carn is a greatly annointed man! He walks in the GLORY! it takes a very special and dedicated person to live in IT so holy and remain so humble… i literally cry, weep, and die before the lord every time i think about the grace Gods shown me by allowing me to cross prophet Carn’s path. im 24 i’ve seen him 10 times… i truly love this man of god – after meeting him i have been on my own personal journey to be just like JESUS! please keep Prophet Carn in your prayers???Prophet Carns moving to BET this season.

  37. Minister Domier Holmes said

    Grace and Peace

    like everyone else, I’ve been greatly impacted by this prophet s ministry. Im 20yrs old and im called to the prophetic office and have received many prophecys that I will walk in the glory and if its anything like this, I am honored. im like the sister from Atlanta who has a hunger for the power of God and the Word says ”he that hunger and thirst after rightousness SHALL be filled”. this is the hour that God is raising up the Joshua Army! I have had the opportunity to speak to his mom by phone and emailed him but the hour shall come when we will meet personally. Lets not become fans and become intecessors. May God bless you and Hiss you with His favor.

  38. Felicia Wells said

    Bless the Lord!…I just wanted to say that I am feeling so Blessed to have encounted this young anointing. The Lord led me to youtube a few nights ago and therefore found Prophet Carn. I haven’t slept in the past few nights only going to bed at 5:30am, after sitting and watching many clips of this man preaching and prophesying.
    What’s amazing is that I made up in my mind completely a few nights ago that I WILL began the fulfillment of my calling and that which the Lord has placed on my life since birth; and then what do I see and hear, the Words of the Lord speaking to me again through Prophet Carn. How is this?…Well, in case you didn’t know, this is another Work of the Lord.
    I’m 27-years old now, it’s time to stop running! Thank You Lord

  39. Evangelist Lo said

    Praise God, nothing is ever by accident…God is always in the mix. I thank God for his precious son Prophet Brian Carn, for he is truly anointed, just by God’s grace a friend of mine sent me a video to watch on Youtube as I watched it I started to search other video and came across your…I was elated, enthralled, bless and so excited to know you are from Jacksonville, and so am I. My concern is I believe my youngest son has been called to preach, His father is a Pastor there and I am a Prophetess, but we cannot reach our son who has been led by his choice (knowing right from wrong) and his homeys, he cares more about his friends than himself.

    I pray so hard that God will show him his way…but it seems as though nothing is working, can you bless us to help our youngest child go straight and do the will of God? I know I should not worry but I do, I am a mother and it hurts me so much to know that my son is doing things he should not be doing. I am stationed 5 hours away and I worried so much about him, my heart fears the worse evening I try to leave it to God. I would like to know what church you attend so perhaps we can meet and I can bring him to you for prayer. Please help us through God’s grace…I await your answer.

    May God continue to keep His hands on you and that He will protect and cover you with His precious blood forever.


    Thank you, God bless, Evangelist Lo

  40. Apostle Tony Wilson said

    Prophet Carns can be reached through email: (website) (email)

  41. Alesia Burton said

    Thanks Prophet Carns

    The Struggle is over!

    Be Blessed in the name of Jesus

  42. Angela said

    He is indeed an awesome Man of God! He is a true Prophet of GOD and he is used mightily of the Lord. Had the pleasure to witness the fullness of GOd’s impartation in Trenton, NJ this weekend! Still feasting, still praising, still glowing! God is good and when he called me by name it’s as if the Lord himself was callingme….Glory to GOD much prayer for Prophet Carn!

  43. sherree maxwell said

    Sherree Maxwell

    Thanks Prophet Carn

    I have walk into my season , and my situation has changed after your powerful word in St. Louis .

  44. Felicia said

    I was blessed to be in his presence here in Cape Girardeau, Mo last winter. My husband foot was broken and he could not walk but he needs to have a chance to see him because he is a true NEwsletter from the Lord. We need to pray for that young man that he keep on keepin on. Lift him up God Bless!

    Anybody know when he will be back in missouri??

  45. Joel said


    Prophet Brian Carn was born September 11th, in Jacksonville Florida and raised in the admonition of the Lord. He received the Lord in his life (salvation) at the early age of eight and began to grow spiritually, while receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    At the age of twelve, he began ministering the Word of God and conducted his first three day revival. Prophet Carn became tired of “church as usual”, so he began to seek the Lord with sincere fasting and praying. While on this eighty-eight day fast, he attended a Benny Hinn Crusade in Florida where he was called out. Pastor Hinn prophesied to him that he would walk in the same kind of anointing that the Lord had placed on his life, but “DOUBLE”.

  46. joyce said

    I pray that we all keep this young man of God in prayer contnually. we know that the enemy would like to take him out.

  47. Gee Renee said

    Prophet Carn is in a weeklong revival at The River church in Durham, NC starting Jan 3, 2010. Bishop Joby and Pastor Sheryl Brady are the overseers

    Peace & Blessings

  48. kebaeditse said

    Prophet , your messages are powerful and reaaly enjoy them in facebook

  49. kebaeditse said

    i really enjoy ur sermons in youtube.

  50. candies brandt said

    pray for me please

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