Prophet Todd Hall

Enjoy this testimony from Prophet Todd Hall!


  1. christie white said

    Dear Prophet Todd Hall I have been bless by listening to speak pray for me and my husband to grow stronger with God

  2. Ashley said

    That was a blessing… praise moves God so, Hallejulah!!!!! I’m always blessed with the messeges God uses Prophet Todd Hall to deliver, Glory be to God

  3. Jacqueline Lindsey said

    May30,2008 I thank God for the prophetic parables Prophet Todd Hall revelated on u tube, it quicken the prophetic in me to realize just how awsome God is in our lives as we go threw every trial THE Father is mindful and he’s the Greatest teacher to ever teach us Life lessons follow the leader and the leading of the Holy Spirit and it will be alright

  4. Greetings and blessings from REV, Khurram Shahzad
    Dean and Chairman

    Dear servant of LORD JESUS we ask mighty and countless blessings from hand of our LORD JESUS WE ARE glade to see your web site and as we are very much blessed for that we are faith revival church and setup of ministries LORD GAVE US THE VISION OF REVIVAL AND HEALING CRUSADES , PASTOR,S CONFRENCES and gospel revival meetings in those LORD shows signs and wonders we are HOLY SPIRIT guided ministries we believe all of old and new testaments one god living , son jesus and spirit of truth and flow and fire the holy spirit we got vision of revival in gospel never reached areas as LORD GAVE US THE vision of revival through tent revival and field crusades we invites you in faisalabad Pakistan in 2008 as well as in 2009 in any of mounths if you are already in contact with any one pastor or ministries we ask glory, and blessings of LORD JESUS FOR THEM also we invites you to flow of spirit ministries , a faith revival church setup address, st#4 b main road wris pura dawood nagir faislabad Pakistan +920418548120 of office# and +9203017005171 and +9203016072344 REV PROF DAEN KHURRAM KHAN is dean and chairman of flow of spirit ministries and is man called by LORD JESUS CHRIST , WE ASK BLESSINGS FOR YOU , YOUR MINISTRIES , YOUR FAMILY AND ALL YOUR SETUP AND INCOMING MINISTRIES TRIPS AND MISSIONS AND PROGRAMMS, JESUS BE SUPREME IN ALL OF CIRCUMSTANCES AMEN BE FLOW AND FIRE OF HOLY SPIRIT UPON YOU. EMAIL ADDRESS ARE AS , and
    I ask mighty flow and fire of holy spirit upon you
    REV, Khurram Shahzad
    Dean and Chairman
    Flow of spirit ministries international Faisalabad Pakistan

  5. Michelle, LaShon and Capri said

    We miss you so. My brother (your twin) passed 04/28/06

    I’m the proud Grand Mother of a 9lb 4oz beautiful baby boy

    pray much for us

    Capri graduated 6th grade 06/04/08 2 days after her 11th b-day; she’s a year ahead and doing very well

    We Love you still

  6. Kathaline said

    i just want to know When will you be coming back to my church,Greater Community Temple,Pastor Brandon B Porter in Memphis TN? I bought a DVD of the sermon on Sun. July 20,2008. Your spirit and realness can really move someone,especially me b/c my mom has been searching the stores for your stuff and watching this dvd practically everday. I want all my firends and family to know when your’re close again to realy really really get the word. Oh, and Please Pray very much for my family and home. We are blessed.

  7. Bruce Graves said

    Good morning Prophet Todd,

    Hope all is well. I’m still here in N.C. enjoying the weather, also wanted to know how possible it is to get in contact with you. I know your schedule is very busy, but when you get a chance could you email me with a contact number or email address?

    Thanks Prophet,
    May the lord continue to bless you.

    Bruce Graves

  8. Sharletta Belcher said

    Hello, my name is Sharletta Belcher, could you please pray for my family…I believe I was called to be a first lady; however, somehow I believe someone has made a mistake about positioning me…Someone new my call and my spirit and office was open…I have been going through alot of crisis. I believe there has been people who tried to help; but something went wrong. I was so afraid and scared because I knew my spirit, or should I say my office/HOUSE was open…and because I was tied to others my spirit was open. As a result I am left very confused…I have tried talking to people in pastorial positions; but without any success. I feel without a shadow of a doubt, it feels like someone is holding me…not releasing me…because I feel someone is tied to me and do not want to release my blessings…I have been going through and having problems, on and off, for the past…25 to 27 years…I believe it began because I originally was under an apostolic annointing and then it was changed.???…I and as you know when your spirit is open, transferance of spirits take place…and this is knew…but one thing I am sure of is that…someone was trying to help me but I believe…it was too…too…much…Please pray for my family….send this email to others who can also pray for my family…My family is located at 6721 Dorothy Giles Ct. Alexandria, VA 22315 and also in 390 KentWay and Grace Street in Akron, OH…Thank you…

  9. joyful-1 said

    prophet todd hall i just want to say thank you for all that you do i mean words cant explain what GOD has put on your life we love your keeping it real approach and me my family everybody adore you and i dont care i will allways listen to your tapes and come see you preach because there is no one like you..God bless you and look forward to more

  10. mitzy bynum-hill said


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