Prophet Brian Carn

Prophet Brian Carn is a very young man that God has his hands on!


  1. Johnny said

    anybody know when he’ll be coming to back to Georgia (or surrounding states)?

  2. Tamikia Kornegay said

    I believe he will be in Georgia in May@ Great Faith Ministries…on the 19th and the 20th but you shld call the church to find out the specific details.

  3. R G said

    He’s conducting a prophetic revival May 18th – 21st at 7 pm nightly at the Great Faith Ministries 1600 Agape Way Decatur GA.

  4. Larry E. Powell III. said

    Greetings in the name of Jesus, I am so blessed to hear this appointed man of God! I realize that he’s right here in Florida! I am trying to find his direct website if it exist. I want to find out if he will be coming in my surrounding area. I and a few of my clergy friends are trying to host a city to city “Youth Revival” and I would be honored to have Prophet Brian Carn come and Speak Thus Sayth The Lord! So if anyone knows a direct number or website could you please email me.
    I would highly appreciate it!

  5. Arletha Gordon said

    Dearest Brother, Minister of God, How wonderful to see the spirit of our maker manifesting throught you. Its like a blue sky and fresh winds to witness God’s anointing transferring through you as a vessal of his. Continue in humility and allow the working of your call to growth in abundance. Stay faithful, call on him, seek him and show your self approach as a good servant. It was timely to be under the anointing in Detroit July the 6,7,8 . May his peace cover and heal every need you request, this is my petition for you. I call you Baby Brother because you are like a son(age wise) to me. Be forever in his grace. Arletha

  6. Aquisha grant Robinson said

    You were here in Champaign and God has use u to bless my life! Brian i thank God for real people, my life will never be the same! God has opened my understand so much more. I have always loved God from a young age; he spoke to me way back then, and he has kept me even until now. U said things i needed to hear. Thank u so much. I am from C.O.G.I.C as well. I guess i figured i needed my friends to go with me in the minstry, but they wont go. I know now i have to go. God has dealt with me, telling me i am an Evangelist with the gift of prophesy. I am so ready to do what it takes and to walk out. Thank u so much, and please stay at his feet and keep allowing God to use u. Be blessed always.

  7. Anonymous said

    I Thank GOD for you man of God I wish i can be at that leavel that OUR lORD
    has you at keep doing the L ord work GOD bless you.

  8. Patricia said

    I just want to say I had the pleasure of being in the present of the Lord with Prophet Brain Carn and he is a powerful man of God. I am asking all the saints of God to Pray my strength and that if anyone knows when he will be back in Michigan.

  9. Curtis Brown said

    Prophet Brian I seen you on the internet for the very first time. You are a dynamic preacher for the Lord. Please pray for me Prophet Brian, and let me know what the Lord tells you, about me for the year 2009 I belive God wants to use me, in a very special way. I have suffered most of all my life, by things not of my fault at all. I love God, and desire God to touch me, as he did Jermiah. Will The Lord do that for me this year. Pray for me, and let me know by email. The enemy has been giveing me dreams, that do not make sense. I desire God to show me better dreams real soon. When I serve God I feel good in doing so. I want to go higher. I shall wait for an answer by my email address. God bless you Prophet Brian.

  10. Curtis Brown said

    May the Lord Jesus contunue to use you, Prophet Brian, in these last and evil days.

  11. kim rome said

    let me no when prophet brian carne will b coming to atlanta, ga

  12. selisamorris said


  13. trese said

    i want to know when brian carn coming back to toledo ohio

  14. Rosie M. Lowe said

    Prophet Brain you blessed my soul last night at the River, I enjoy the words God sent by you. You minster things to others that I had been going through myself. It was just like you know me and I know it was God. I planning to come to be in the present of God on Feb.26&27. I’ll keep you in my prays God is truly using you. Gods Word is true and truth. Pray for me that I will walk in my purpose And say YES to the Lord. The Power of God is Awesome I Love It.

  15. Augustus Cisco said

    I bless God for you, young man. I met you on youtube once and never stop watching. Continue to keep your eyes on God, and let him take all the praises for they belong to him.

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