Evangelist Frances Kelly

Evangelist Frances Kelly gave this powerful message at The Holy Convocation of The Church of God in Christ, Inc. over 25 years ago! This message is still pertinent today! She is a powerful evangelist and a prayer warrior! She is also the sister of the Evangelist Louise D. Patterson, who is the widow of the late Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson! I must warn you with her It’s Holiness or Hell!

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  1. annb106 said

    YourPrayer’s Needed ‘ASAP’
    ‘Your Prayer’s are Needed “ASAP”

    All of you that know how to send up a soul saving prayer; I need you to pray with me for a two year old child that has an aneurysm that is growing on it’s brain. Everything that the brain need’s is going to the aneurysm and making it larger, and it’s taking over the child’s brain. I pray that this message will reach the eye’s of the much needed prayer warrior’s for a turn around in this matter. This is needed ASAP; there is not much time. Pray for the family of the child that they may have a little of peace of mind. If we all pray for this child I’t will be a true blessing for the family. I know that God is the author and the finisher; and I know that all thing’s work for the good for them that love the Lord. I’m praying long life into this child; will you please pray with me also. Let’s pray that this mountain be moved. Pass the word on to everyone that you know, over the byway’s and the highway’s.

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