Apostle David E. Taylor

Enjoy the ministry of Apostle David E. Taylor, and his Miracles In America Crusades! His crusades are filled with many individuals that have experienced physical healings!

Miracles in America’s Ministry Website


  1. Deborah (Simpson) McNeely said

    Apostle David just happen to type your name in web search and to my surprise i actully got information. I am elated you are still on the path. Dinah is in South Carolina and I am in Oklahoma City.

    We have grown in the ministry, I have meetings at my home on friday, we were blessed by the ministy God gave you.

    God Bless

  2. Victoria said

    ABC World News Tonight confirms our website prophecy shut down the Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign.

    With $55,600, Albert Howard is the first African American to receive a New Hampshire Primary Recount.

  3. Apostle Taylor, I am still listening to your tapes I boutht in November and transforming myself into my Kingship. I am grateful for your message. I am in a new awareness, and I have accepted my position of authority, and kingship. I have faced many challenges, and have been instrumental in helping others accept their awareness of their “kingship”, because of you… Thank you, for your revelations in the knowlege of Christ and the “Kingdom of God”.
    When are you coming back to “Ignited Ministries in Taylor Mi.? And how can I obtain some more of your “true Keys to the Kingdom of God? I am truly thankful and have profited spiritually from the depth of your understanding. Thank you and God Bless you. Michelle in Detroit

  4. Carleen Crawford said

    Apostle Taylor, Greetings in the name of the Lord!! It has been fourteen years since we last fellowshipped in St. Louis, Mo at Gospel Feast Church on St. Ferdinand Ave. with Bishop Arvell Garrett. Please contact me via email I have some concerns that only you could put to rest regarding a word from the Lord. This particular issue has tugged at my heart since that momnet years ago.
    I need and would like some final resolution; I need closure to advance to the next level that God intends to take me to. Your immediare response/cooperation is so greatly appreciated. Respectfully in Christ,
    C. Crawford

  5. Pastor Matthew-Wilondja said

    Dear Pastor and Servant of God;

    I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. After to visit your web site and to see all your service , I feeling in me to invite you here to us in Congo DR ,south kivu province , Bukavu town. Central Africa; to give us seminar for church leaders and to teach if possible some lessons in our bible school.or to implanted your Ministries in DRCongo.

    We invite you too in our church called Christian city churchin Congo DR. we will be so happy to hear you and to benefit your anointing. if our goal can meet your attention ,please we wait to hear from you soon. yours pastor senior of christian city church in Congo. D.R .
    Pastor Matthew Wilondja

  6. Fancae Wright-Cook said

    Apostle David E. Taylor, Pastor Dr. Louise Lyas called me today and told me that she was prompted by God to have me find you on the internet and contact you via email. Please respond to this note at my email address as I am being divinely led and instructed to contact you.

  7. SIS. REED said


  8. THANK GOD THAT GOD IS STILL MOVE IN THIS DAYAND TIME.MENS AND WOMENS OR STILL BEING USE BY GOD.BE BLESS OF THE LORD.http://kingsnqueenswithclassboutique.com http://www.janetcook.org

  9. Sarah Campbell said

    I am so glad to know about the Imperial anointing and the Royal anointing and the King of King and Lord of Lord anointing I bought the Book thank God For this Man of God He has bless Me in the spirit

  10. Apostle SOVON Koudjo A.Joseph said

    Hello Sir Apostle,
    I’m so glad to contact you.I’m your Junior Apostle,I’m from republic of TOGO.I’m living in Lomé.I’m so attached in your ministry and would like to plant your ministry in TOGO and shear your vision.God bless you my Apostle.Let’s give opportunity to people of TOGO to experience the Word in action the Lord give you.I’m ready to start NOW.Thank you Sir and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Here is my address:
    Apostle SOVON Koudjo A.Joseph
    04 BP 791 Lomé-TOGO
    Mobile phone:(00228) 740 05 23/ 962 28 60

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