The Spirit of Python!

Pastor Jentezen Franklin preaches powerfully to thousands of young people in this illustrated sermon, “The Spirit of Python”!


  1. Bill Clark said

    Needs to be shown at regular Sunday morning worship. That way parents and their children could watch it together. It is even fitting for adults, all churches have the Python Spirit, and the young Christians see the phony Christians, and it leaves them discouraged. It help me better understand about the Python Spirit, and brought more clarity of what young people contend with. Praying for more souls to be brought to Christ, so in turn they can witness and bring others to know Christ. Thank You! In His Service, Bill;

  2. sam said

    i would like to hear the sermon on the spirit of python

  3. Lynda Heise said

    The spirit of Python can now be recognized through institutions and people close to us who try to constrict us through rules of conformity and holding us back. As soon as we are aware of this suffocation, pray immediately to release this hold that Python has on you. Don’t believe the lie. Break through and take note that you are on track to live the most extravagant life for Jesus. Don’t let Python restrict you from expanding your territory. Lynda.

  4. Lanre said

    I really enjoyed the sermon tagged “spirit of python” and i must confess i learnt a lot from the message. I hope to receive more in my E-mail. Thanks and God bless you.

  5. chris said

    would love to hear this sermon please let me know if it becomes availabla

  6. Miss Lynn Spencer said

    can i have the sermon of the spirit of python please by jentzen franklin

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