The Oppressor Has Been Removed!

The Oppressor Has Been Removed! Pastor Jackie McCullough preaches with power again!


  1. paulette mcdaniel said

    i’m asking for prayer for my sister in texas. she is going through alot with courts in texas. with her ex*husband. just pray that he will leave her and her two kids along

  2. We are praying that the Lord sends her a Supernatural Deliverance! We are claiming the victory for her right now!

  3. Sis, D. Piagentini said

    Praise the Lord, in Jesus name. Peace and blessings to the body of Christ. May God continue to grant each of us a spirit of repentance each day, to be the child/Saint of God that He has saved us to be.
    I thank God that my daughter will repent and do right by God, herself them her children. I have no desire to raise her 2 daughters, but I have to do what I do until God tells me different. I love my daughter, just as I love my grand daughters, but out of my seven children I only have a 17, 12, and 9year old left in the house and I can’t wait for my life with just me and what ever the work is God has for me. I know when God gives you anything, He allows you to do what you will with it. I thank God that my will not be done, but rather the will of God be done in my life and my childrens lives.
    I thank God and you for being used of Him to encourage myself and others.
    God Bless You.
    Sis. Diana

  4. Sis, D. Piagentini said

    God bless you!

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