Gospel Great Rev. Timothy Wright is in a Horrible Accident!

Gospel Great Rev. Timothy Wright is in a Horrible Accident! There are substantiated reports that Rev. Timothy Wright was involved in a horrible accident in Pennsylvania. The accident happened after Rev. Wright, and his family were heading home from the recent COGIC AIM Convention. This accident has claimed the life of his wife, and critically injured Rev. Timothy Wright, and a grandchild.

Please pray for the entire Wright Family, and the Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Church of God in Christ which Rev. Timothy Wright pastors!

There is breaking news that Pastor Wright may have pulled through surgery, and unfortunately his grandson did not! Pastor Wright is such a talent and let’s all remember that God is still a healer, and again earnestly pray for the Entire Wright Family!

Click Here to View Press Conference on Rev. Timothy Wright’s Condition

Click Here to Read Article-Rev. Timothy Wright is Yet Alive!

Read Article About the Accident at Newsday.Com

New York Times Article on Accident


  1. Telesha said

    My prayers goes out to Rev. Wright. I pray for speedy recovery. Don’t weep for your beloved wife and grandson are with our Lord and Savior. I don’t know why the good always suffers so…yet ” many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord will deliever him out of them all.

    God Bless,
    Sis. Telesha
    Church of God of East Flatbush

  2. Shirley Boykin said

    Wright Family,

    My prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Remember GOD knows how much we can bear and he will guide and strengthen you. Remember “Jesus Jesus Jesus” is a healer.

    God Bless,
    Ms Shirley

  3. C. M. Gilbert said

    My prayers goes out to Rev Wright & Family. You just don’t know what to say to a person when tragedy happens like this………

    Bless You
    C M Gilbert

  4. Evangelist Hughes said

    Our family is praying for each of you during this most difficult time. Our prayers are continuous for Rev. Wright and the entire Wright Family and Church Family. My God be your source of strength and comfort and now in the days ahead. I speak to peace to your mind and spirit, healing to your hearts and encouragement now and the days to come.To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. God will see you through this and will carry you through this difficult time. We and I believe the entire nation is praying for you and your precious family and church family. God is with you!

  5. Mimi said

    whow – is this true? How horrible.

  6. Della Robinson said

    I’m in constant prayer for our dear Pastor and his family. May the perfect peace of Jesus cover them as this tragic time passes. Thank God for this man of God and his music in which I have taught to many choirs.
    Lots of Love and Many Blessings to the family
    Della Robinson
    Newark, NJ

  7. pegc said

    To the Wright’s Family just keep your hand in God hand because he is the healer, he is Jesus. We all are going to join Jesus one day. And that day is the brighter day.

  8. Let us trust in Jesus for his healing physically,mentally and spiritaully.
    The lord is able raise him up again like he did lazarus.Let pray every
    day even fasting once a week until he is healed….
    He will come stonger…..He is a 21 century hezekiah….
    He is a man of praise and God can’t take him yet.
    He has a book to right and more cds to records….
    Come on saints…..

  9. teresa said

    May the Lord Jesus Christ be with Rev Wright .

    Jesus,Jesus, Jesus is His name.

    Genesis 2-7 Rev Wright then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into Rev Wright nostrils the breath or the spirt of life, and Rev Wright became a living being. Rev Wright will live and give praises for the victory that he has won. God is in control. I am praying for his family and Church family..The angel of the Lord is camp Rev Wright .
    Be Bless Teresa from San Antonio,tx New Life Christian Center

  10. Angela Walker said

    TO the Wright Family

    GOD IS ABLE, GOD IS ABLE, GOD IS ABLE!!!!!! Oh yes, there is a great Testimony even in this!! Our continual prayers go out to the entire family, the extended family, the Church Family and the BODY of CHRIST at large. The devil is still defeated and we are VICTORIOUS!!!!! Because there is no other name but JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!!!! AND HE IS A HEALER, HEALER, HEALER!!!!

  11. Rev. Dr. H. Marie (Walker) Grigsby said

    To The Family, I am praying for you. I’ve known Rev. Wright since he was a teenager, playing a trombone.. I know God is a healer, I have had 8 heart attacks & 8 by-passes, and WAS GIVEN 2 YEARS TO LIVE 28 YEARS AGO. & I JUST TURNED 75, SO I KNOW WHAT GOD CAN DO. MAY BETTY REST IN THE ARMS OF JESUS. I know without a shadow of doubt, He can heal Timothy. He will remember me from singing with the UTTERBACH CONCERT CHOIR OF NEW YORK CITY. MY PRAYERS & CONDOLENCES ALSO GO TO THE PARETS OF THE GRANDSON, & THE SON THAT BECAME ILL.


  12. Anonymous said

    My prayer is that God will grant this family peace in the midst of their storm. Continue to trust God and don’t stop praying. The enemy would love to get the victory, but as believer’s we know that God has the final say so and His perfect will is always done. I will continue to pray for the family.

  13. Sis. Christine Johnson said

    Dj have made it to the greatest graduation there could ever be. He is resting in the arms of Jesus.

    Evangelist Betty is shouting, preaching and praising God in person.

    Pastor Wright is preparing for the most greatest hit songs there is because this is a testimony for sure.

    As for the Wright family you just hold on to God’s unchanging hand and lets live so we all can go where Jesus is.

    As for satin you thought you was doing something by trying to hurt and bringing death this way but you still mess up because you just freed Evangelist Wright & DJ from the sins of the world. You just made the wright family stronger. You just made Elder Wright Sing and Preach harder and the church is on the roll show nuff for God. So satin you don’t have nothing on us. To the family keep praying and looking up because (we) my family and I and church family will be praying for you .

    Be Blest
    The Church of the Living God the Pillar and Ground of the Truth Jacksonville (Cosmo) Fl.
    Rev. Joe Lee Cooper Pastor

  14. Anonymous said

    We are still looking for God to bring you out you are looking good

  15. Donny said

    Pastor Timothy Wright has passed away last night, I believe. But he has definitely gone on to be with Jesus. Pray for the church now more than ever.

  16. Phyllis Parker said

    I am so Sorry to Have heard about Timothy Wright, He has always been a blessing to myself and others. My regards and prayers are with His family. I am looking for this song that Timothy song with a choir, It is an Awesome Song, (We are One, or One in the Spirit) I have looked everywhere for the song it is a old song, But it is one of the Best to me, My Husband and Myself minister in the dance to this song and I am trying to find it.

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