1. azuar said

    i’ve been looking for thier cd for 10 years. how can i get a copy.

  2. Shone said

    I want to buy this cd also. It’s impossible to find. Does anyone know where I could buy it? Someone on amazon is selling it for almost 80.00. That’s steep! Thanks

  3. Carol said

    I have the CD and will e-mail it to u if u give me ur e-mail address.

  4. Carol said

    My email is smile_itzme123@yahoo.com

  5. Rebecca said

    Can I get a copied Emailed to me also?


  6. Sharisse said

    I have been looking for this CD for a very long time….
    If you can email it to me, I will be very grateful…..

  7. Sharisse said

    My email address is smw_831@yahoo.com

  8. Sharisse said


  9. Rein said

    You can find it anywhere on line now!

  10. Octavia said

    I am in desperate need of this cd and cant find it anywhere could someone pls bless me my email address is octaviaadams@bellsouth.net

  11. Marian E. Blair said

    I have been looking for this CD for a very YEARS….
    If you can email it to me too, I will be very grateful also
    God Bless You!!!!!
    I live in Maryland and I brought this CD in NC in 1991 and loaned it out and never got it back….

  12. Carl J. said

    I would love to get a copy of the cd, would someone be willing to e-mail me a copy pls.


  13. Melanie said

    Hi, I have also been searching for this CD. I’m trying to find it, but everywhere I go says it’s currently unavailable. Please help me! My family has been singing “Give Me A Clean Heart” for years on my recollection of what I think it sounds like back then. It sounds good, but we still need so memory boosting.

    Is it possible that I get a copy of the CD emailed to me also? I would ever be greatful….I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer and if you need any advertising I can help. http://www.melgmodesigns.com. God Bless!!

    My email is: melnet03@gmail.com

  14. lydia lawrence said

    What a blessing What a blessing. i need this cd to play to my children and let them her good singing…someone please how can i get this

  15. Precious said

    Please forward me a copy! I’ve been looking for years! OMG! I saw it being sold for $89.00 on Amazon.com. Please forward. Thanks so much! God bless!!!

  16. Precious said


    If ANYONE can forward it to me, I’ll be MOST grateful! Thanks Carol & Friends!

  17. gospeluv said

    Hi, this message is for Carolsaid…I know your probably getting sick of e-mail this cd to people, but please find it in your heart once more!! My addy is fmstaldings@yahoo.com…this album is a classic!! If anyone else read if and Would like to e-mail the cd to me please do. It doesn’t matter who sends it I jus need it!! THANKS!!

  18. J. said

    Their CD is amazing. I have a copy and I don’t skip a single song…most of it is a capella and you can really hear some amazing singing, blending, and harmony. If anyone needs a copy emailed to them, email me. My email is Jamaal.Bivens@gmail.com and I would love to share the blessing of this CD!!

  19. J. said

    Also, for those that have posted their emails before, let me know if you ever received the CD. If not, email me directly and I won’t mind sending it to anyone. This CD is a definite blessing to anyone who hears it.

  20. micaela said

    Hello, If anyone has this cd I would appreciate a copy. My email is detroitpeach@gmail.com.

    Thanks so much!

  21. chanise reese said

    can someone email the cd to me. I would like to choregraph a dance this song. thanks.

  22. chanise reese said

    please email me a copy. my email is creese2@msn.com

  23. I have the CD and I can send a copy to anyone who wants it for a small fee. Email me if interested! melnet03@yahoo.com

  24. Cogic270 said

    It’s a shot in the dark but if ANYONE has Adoration n Prayze cd they are willing to sell me a copy or original i would truely be greatful, I can only find it amazon for $199.00….Thanks much and God Bless

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