Bishop Sherman Merritt

Bishop Sherman Merritt preaches powerfully at The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World’s 2007 Convention!

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  1. john barham said

    bishop merritt is my nashville pastor he has done so much for my life his preaching is annointed of God just plain ole HOLY GHOST PREACHING i pray God continue to shine on his ministry and his family be blessed and highly favored in the Lord, i now live in clevveland tn doing the work of the Lord by His Grace He enables me to speak a word to the weary. I am a poet of the Lord and God has given me the tongue of the learned, Bishop Merritt has played a big role in my life, drug addition, prison sentences and messed up from the floor up listen pastor merritt was my pastor he came to see me in prison him and brother anthony walton i can’t forget what they did they pray a prayer for me and follow the great commision that Jesus has proclaimed i always love his preaching we must hold him and other men and women of God up in prayer for a hedge of protection this was something i wrote recently ” OH LORD IF THOU SHOULDEST WITHDRAW THYSELF FROM ME I SHALL BE CONSUMED BY THE LACK OF THY PRESENCE,,,,,,,,,,,,,never a stranger,,,,,,,,,,,,,elder john barham

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