Prophetess Juanita Bynum Preaches Back in the Day!

Prophetess Juanita Bynum Preaches Back in the Day! We loved old school Juanita Bynum!


  1. Miss Liz said

    I always love prophetess! She is like my sister in my head..

  2. j maphosa, Northampton UK said

    Dr Juanita Bynum is a new and rare breed of a preacher, hard hitting and upbraiding. She preaches hard hitting and deep truths, ‘you can’t be saved and stay the same, yu are a spirit of deception’. The church has become a lifeless departmentalised organisation, not an organism, the living body of Christ! Leaders are concerned more with religious protocol and ceremonies, fame and material comfort than with spirituality, the cross, sanctification and righteousness.

    She is a very intelligent preacher, grounded in the gospel truth and truly believes that ‘only the righteous shall inherit the kingdom’. No wonder the devil tried to destroy her through attacking her marriage. Thank God she came out of that marrital crisis stronger! He who is within her is greater than the devil without. Praise God.

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