Tied to The Altar!

Prophetess Juanita Bynum powerfully preaches Tied to The Altar!


  1. CONEY said


  2. yes me can and he did said

    I love how she is in this message, God focused and powerful. When we allow ourselves to change from what God has ordained for our lives or get
    involve with people God never placed in our lives, we take on their spirit or character. what you hang around is what you become, what they like what they do.
    In this last bout ,she lost something, but I believe she is seeking God to get it back. Trouble makes us better and, even more dedicate to God if you are walking with him, and I know she started out right then got caught up, now she got that problem out of the way, she can focus on her assignment from God,and make powerful lasting impacts in people lives .
    We are place on this earth with a mandate from God. When you are called with God ‘s purpose, you can not yoke up with someone that is not God sent especial when you are a designer original everyone can’t fit. Just because he wears a title and can preach means nothing. What is his lifestyle dose he show the fruits of the spirit. Ask question, watch him or her , don’t be quick to move, his or her fruits will show. That is a tell tail sign. People motives are backward they will hang onto you just to get a leg up.
    I am a minister also, I have waited eighteen years without a husband, and I am determine I will wait on God. I have been told I am high maintain, I don’t care what anybody say ,it took a along time to get my head right. I promise God if he save me take me off drugs and heal me I will live for him. So to my sister, a man dose not validate me Gods call my relationship with God dose. May God richly bless Dr.Bynum.
    Forgive my writing and spelling,I was in a hurry sorry!!!!!!!!! I love you for real

  3. Anonymous said

    don’t mind the spelling, you go ahead on sister, powerful statement

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