Don’t Weary in Welldoing!

Don’t Weary in Welldoing! Minister Keith Pringle and The Pentecostal Community Choir sing the powerful words in Galatians the 6th Chapter and the Ninth Verse with their song Let Us Not Be Weary!

If we don’t faint our day is coming!

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  1. Laura said

    I remember Minister Keith Pringle years ago when we atttended West Angeles Church of God in Christ. Located in Los Angeles, California on Adams Blvd. Formerly Elder Charles Blake, now Bishop Blake was the presiding pastor. Minister Pringle was the organist back then and Lonnie was the choir director. The choir was one the focal points and highlight of the services. Everytime I walked away from church I felt a renewed strength. Even though I am far removed from California, I want Minister Pringle to know that listening to their music helped me through many trials and tribulations. By the Grace of God was one of the songs Mr. Pringle use to lead in the service. I still have that song in my heart. Grace is such a wonderful gift granted by God. I could have easily went down the wrong road, but through the grace of God and the ministry of gospel music, I have remained on course. By the way, Minister Pringle may remember my late uncle Minister Eddie Lane who would do the holy dance and play his tamborines simultaneously when in the spirit. I hope that Minister Pringle comes to Georgia where I now reside. Maybe I will be able to hear him once again live. I wish Minister Pringle much success in life and may God continue to bless him abundantly.

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