Tag Team Preaching!

Enjoy this clip of some great tag team preaching!

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  1. sharon brooks said

    brian carn jr is only 20 yrs old and magnificent he is omgosh he didnt even pray for me and i went only one night and god worked through him for me.I hadnt been able to see my 2 of my grand children since sept 3 and had been totally depressed and within one week IK got to see my prescious babys and there mom and her significant other are even talking to me and it appears we r on the up hill.Plus other miracles continue to happen to me.When i held my mother in laws hand and I could feel the surge of electricity go through I knew something good would happen.thank u jesus very much and brian carn jr is a true man of god,I just want to ask a question why is it important to stress or call out black churchs or black preachers why cant we all be lead by god and all be one of one god

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