It’s Miracle Time!

Bishop Iona Locke powerfully preaches It’s Miracle Time!


  1. valerie said

    all i can say that word is so good to me!woman of god go on with your with your bad self.

  2. Rose Gabriel said

    I just want to know how to purchase cd’s or dvd’s of Bishop Iona Locke. Can you please contact me and let me know.

  3. martin indakwa said

    I’ve been blessed with this massege. I am reguesting if I can be part of this blessing ministry . Am apastor in weskern kenya in need of international Apastolic covering. Pastor Martin and Patricia

  4. Teisha Jackson said

    My soul was truly blessed to hear such a powerful word from heaven. You could feel the annoiting as she spoke. My GOD!!!! Hallelujah…. You spoke nothing but the word true HOLLINESS and that’s what the world need in these times. May God continue to use you for his glory.

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