Enjoy This Kingdom Word From Dr. Medina Pullings!

Enjoy This Kingdom Word From Dr. Medina Pullings!


  1. I am fully invigorated by the word of God and gospelic music

  2. Pastor Raphael and Lakeisha Baffoe said

    That was a prophetic word keep stirring your atmospheres its yours.

  3. Winifred said

    wonderful word..

  4. Nadine Tauri said

    send out those people who have been sitting in church and who have long grown out of the milk and who should’ve already been sent out! The devil will tremble when those ones are leaving your shores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sarah Shivers said

    I’m Sarah Shivers truly what to thank God for the great woman of God, Dr. Medina Pulling for that annointed word of God. My spirit man agree with your spirit it time for the people of God to go, and do thier Father business.

    Love, your’s sister in Christ .

  6. Evangelist Marlowe L Daniel said

    I really enjoyed this video, I would like even more of the same.

  7. Deauna Flowers said

    I am excited about the word of God! I thank God for the word and I thank God for the woman of God for obeying the Lord to deliver this powerful word of the Lord! Halllalujah! Glory to your name Jesus! Glory! Hey! Hey! Halllalujah! Thank you Jesus! Amen. From your sister in the Lord! Deauna Flowers

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