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Resurrection Sunday Preview

Here’s a Resurrection Sunday Preview for Pentecostal Churches far and near. Jesus Christ died for us all! Jesus has also conquered death, hell, and the grave to redeem us from the curse of the law, and he has redeemed us from the hands of the enemy! Be blessed and have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

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You Love Me!

You Love Me! In the midst of this week being Holy Week, isn’t it evident that Jesus Christ loved us so much despite our many sins and transgressions! What a love it is for one to lay down his life for those who hardly deserved it! Thank God that he had such an admirable love for each of us! Praise God who alone is Worthy to Be Praised!

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John Gray presents Jesus Christ the Heavyweight Champion!

John Gray presents Jesus Christ the Heavyweight Champion!

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Our Lord’s Extreme Sacrifice!

Our Lord’s Extreme Sacrifice!

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