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Pastor Tamara Bennett Travails in Prayer!

Pastor Tamara Bennett Travails in Prayer! Do you remember when the Pentecostal Church use to travail in prayer?

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We are Going to Make It!

We are Going to Make It!

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Pentecostal Proposal!

Now this is a Pentecostal Proposal, this is how you propose at a Pentecostal Church! Travis Simmons proposes to Nina Brady at The River Church! It is our prayer is that this couple will prosper at every turn! Nina Brady is the daughter of Pastor Sheryl Brady and Bishop Joby Brady!

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A Preach Can Break Out in a Pentecostal Church at Anytime!

A preach can break out in a Pentecostal Church at anytime especially in the exorting of the Saints! Give a Pentecostal Preacher a mike and it will break out everytime!

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Let’s Have Good Ole Pentecostal Church!

Let’s Have Good Ole Pentecostal Church!

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Pentecostals Can Teach Also!

Pentecostals Can Teach Also! Pastor Stephen F. Smith of Sure House Church, Inc. in Collierville,Tennessee Tells the Story and teaches from Joshua Chapter 1!

Sure House Church, Inc. 

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