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It’s Only a Shadow!

Prophetess Taketa Williams powerfully preaches It’s Only a Shadow!


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Bishop Bobby Hilton

Bishop Bobby Hilton Ph.D. Senior Pastor of Word of Deliverance Ministries for the World Inc. addressing the issue of racism, pro choice vs. pro abortion, and other issue surrounding the 2008 Presidential election

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Dr. Cindy Trimm!

Dr. Cindy Trimm is one of the most powerful evangelists in the kingdom right now! Dr. Cindy Trimm prays and release the power of God. Mighty intercessor and woman of prayer. Visit her website at

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Prophetess Taketa Williams!

Prophetess Taketa Williams preaches with power in these clips!

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Working For My Good!

Apostle Mark Perry preaches Working For My Good!

This is a good word!

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Enjoy the Preaching of Minister Randy Glass!

Enjoy the Preaching of Minister Randy Glass!

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Pastor Joel Osteen!

One year ago, dynamic Pastor Joel Osteen spoke about his message, his church, and his popularity with 60 Minutes Contributor Byron Pitts.

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