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Pentecostal Place.Com Celebrates 400 Thousand Views!

Pentecostal Place.Com Celebrates Its 400,000th View! Enjoy this 400,000th View Praise Break!

These Praise Breaks are from all around the world of Pentecost, and even from AME Zion as our Pentecostal Praise Breaks Have Now Gone Worldwide!

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Time Magazine Article: Are Mega-Preachers Scandal Prone?

Time Magazine Article: Are Mega-Preachers Scandal Prone? I am including this tidbit from the article, “Indeed, beyond the scandal of the moment, Pentecostalism has produced a culture of superstar preachers whose lives are always at risk of being turned into something close to secular entertainment”. Click below to read the rest of this article!
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Pentecostal Behavior!

Pentecostal Behavior explained! This is why we are as we are! I love Pentecost! In the bottom clip Pentecost is in exercise!

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Pentecostals Can Teach Also!

Pentecostals Can Teach Also! Pastor Stephen F. Smith of Sure House Church, Inc. in Collierville,Tennessee Tells the Story and teaches from Joshua Chapter 1!

Sure House Church, Inc. 

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