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Pentecostal Place.Com Celebrates 400 Thousand Views!

Pentecostal Place.Com Celebrates Its 400,000th View! Enjoy this 400,000th View Praise Break!

These Praise Breaks are from all around the world of Pentecost, and even from AME Zion as our Pentecostal Praise Breaks Have Now Gone Worldwide!

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Enjoy Pentecostal Place.Com’s 300,000+ Views Praise Break!

Enjoy Pentecostal Place.Com’s 300,000+ Views Praise Break! The Lord has blessed us with over 300,000+ Views in a little less than a year! Pentecostals are no longer the laughing stock of Christiandom! As a matter of fact, many mainstream churches have incorporated Pentecostal Practices in their worship services! Enjoy this long group of praise breaks celebrating The Pentecostal Experience!

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