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What is Happening to the Hearts of Men?

There has been two heinous crimes that have been committed in the Memphis Metropolitan Area in recent days. I am flabbergasted at how horrible each of these incidents were. The incidents that I am referencing are two murders that seem like something from a Stephen King Movie. I am enclosing a video clip from the Associated Press on the first of these horrible acts. It depicts how a black female was found decapitated and had her hands and feet removed from her body. Decapitations and the Dismemberment of one’s limbs should be relegated to the movies on the Sci-Fi Network Only!

How can one’s so called boyfriend (& Baby’s Daddy) get that mad to not only take your life, but also dismember you? He is innocent until proven guilty, but I can’t understand this one. The second incident with attached web links from The Commercial Appeal, and WMC TV denotes the brutal killings of 6 people in a house on Lester Street in Memphis, Tennessee. Four adults were killed and two children, while 3 other children are fighting for their lives in the hospital. The children’s ages were 9, 5, 4, 2, and 2 months old. Who kills children? One of the kids was discovered with a knife protruding from his head, while another had several fingertips cut off. The crime scene was described as horrific. Who harms a 2 month old? Isn’t it even an unwritten rule of the streets to leave kids alone?

We are definitely living in the days foretold of in St Matthew 24:12-Where it states that and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. It takes a cold person to commit either of these acts. Are we living in such a day of iniquity that awful occurrences like these will be commonplace? All of the accused and the victims “so far” in each of these incidents are African-Americans. Come on Family, African-Americans didn’t use to commit crimes like this. I love my people, and I am proud of my heritage. However; it is events like these that makes me wonder how many African-Americans are departing from the values of old.

The Holy Writ states that he who endures unto the end shall be saved. We are seeing events like these which were foretold of thousands of years ago coming to pass on a daily basis. When will the church rise up and boldly tell the world about a Risen Savior that is soon to return? We have preached the Gospel of Prosperity for long enough, let’s preach the Good News of God’s Desire to Save a Dying World From Sin! It’s time for the church to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, and not to the end of your 3rd church location.

The Battle of the Ages is not in the Pews of our churches, but in the streets of our cities. Let’s get about the business of the Kingdom for the Lord’s return is a lot closer than when we first believed. Have we been so desensitized that killings like these wouldn’t mobilize an army of God’s Folk? Where is the outrage and the public outcry? Is this business as usual? Let’s Pray that it is not!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.

Commercial Appeal Coverage of Lester Street Murders

WMC TV Coverage of Lester Street Murders

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