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You Can Be Creative in Pentecost Now!

You Can Be Creative in Pentecost Now! “Angels of Praise” from Bible Days Revival Church in Houston TX. Apostle E. W. Wilcots, Pastor. These wonderful young ladies range in age from 3 yrs. old to 17 yrs. old. They are excited to share their artistic expression of praise through dance.


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It’s Apostolic Praise Break Time!

It’s Apostolic Praise Break Time! These folks are churching it at Born Again Apostolic Assembly in Eddy, Texas! This service was is part of their District Council Fellowship.

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Pentecostal Praise Break Time

It’s Pentecostal Praise Break Time courtesy of Full Gospel Holy Temple in Dallas,Texas!

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Unmistakenly Pentecostal!

This choir from Full Gospel Holy Temple in Texas is unmistakenly Pentecostal! They are singing powerfully about the Power of the Holy Ghost! I feel the Power in this clip!

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